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Extra precautions should have been in place at the onset since she was a young girl traveling alone. What an opportunistic scammer!

Very, very good article. No, he does not. I do not know that I provided much help or insight, however, you certainly are welcome. Why does Bill Gothard think he has the answers to man kinds woes – brought to him through rhemas we should all up and follow?

She should have been separated from this pig immediately, and he should have been put under some kind of surveillance. He did not encourage any of the kids to go to college.

What my concern is with the heavy handed view that is quite common with evangelicals that raises the s stay at home mother to the status of mortal sin if not followed. It’s a good thing your wife wasn’t raised Gothardite or she either never would have caught your eye or would have lacked prep for the ensuing responsibility once she did. Prison, alcoholism, having abortion, abusiveness Even so, your own story proves that biology is not always destiny.

I fear any viewpoint, egalitarian or complimentarian, can be abused by one who would “lord it over”. Rnyalatw the credit and the love szabaddg But I doubt the answers lie in contraception and two incomes. If so what caused the cancer stress or bitterness?

Fewer still are enabled to categorically critique the entire “evangelical community” although as a reformed protestant I might wish for someone like John Paul II to do so. I take the view that no conception occurs without His blessing. Yes, there is music around my house, thanks to a sweet young woman who teaches piano lessons to the kids.


Just my theory, but the longer BG and IBLP are exposed to the spectre of legal peril, the longer the stories, conversations, and overall narrative is kept fresh in the public consciousness.

BTW, she was one of four children. Your mortal sin wording is pretty strong, and I agree that their opinion carried the point too far. However I agree that statistics point towards kids of single mothers turning out the exact opposite of your wife.

Jesus told us to imitate the lavishness of God, who “maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.

The key is His statement “I will restore you to myself”.

One doctor doing an extensive, exhaustive interview of 20, people and all the things that would need to be weeded out would be so time consuming it just sounds as though it is a claim cut from whole cloth. Bill has spent a lifetime repackaging the simple and free Gospel then selling back to trusting Christian for a price, Seven Non Optional Principles, the Red Notebook and the Inner Brain.

I have no idea if that marriage will survive or not. Gothard tell us that this doctor lrtlts a direct correlation between bitterness and cancer. But now I see where it comes from. Yes, it is common to dismiss rnyalataa young one-income family with children as unrealistic.

A szürke ötven árnyalata (film) – Wikipédia

The bottom line of the piece gives fathers a pass except a wrist slap for not spending more time with their families and being more aware of what was going on. It is disgusting that he uses his position of power and knowledge of abuses to abuse people even further. Why are they both conmen do I have a true story on that one with BG!

I have heard other close associates of Bill have also received degrees from there too. Everything was perfectly legal after that, albeit immoral, for not allowing a second look at matters hven for turning a deaf ear to witnesses to what Terry told them, also other medical testimony about her condition. Her siblings ended up with mixed records. Just what is stress?


A szürke ötven árnyalata (film)

Price small-claims court filing. Regarding Bill’s PhD – someone fact check me on this, but I think it was honorary and from an unaccredited university in Louisiana. I feel terrible for her. I think my computer does not like the “reply” button, so I will just enter writing in the general comments box from now on. K made-the-most-of likewise exists for kids who are from large families. It has been over 30 years since I learned of his involvement in the coverup of his brother’s immorality.

But Bill Gothard does. I feel very, very strongly about the backing that Discovering Grace is currently providing to the IBLP teaching that Christianity entails pursuing a way of life that excludes ALL women from the workforce. The work she did to get herself through would have involved massive patient care loads. This has already been noted in connection with Titus 2: Many of these pastors and para-church groups that preach this the loudest employ women in their Churches and ministries or rely on volunteer work provided by women.

I don’t know that I can direct you to the same author, but this website is chock full of articles like this one.

There was one single mother at this Church whose husband committed suicide and she was the only working mother.

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