The Aastra D DECT handset works with Aastra SIP-DECT as well as Aastra’s TDM DECT solution. The Aastra d offers a vibration alarm, headset socket. Aastra d: fast delivery and good price This is IP&Go!. The Aastra D is a cordless DECT phone with 5-line backlit monochrome display. Call us on for expert advice | Onedirect.

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USA, Canada – up to hours with fully charged batteries. Don’t have an account? If this function is activated the mobile unit automatically answers a call after the first ring useful when using a headset.

For information on creating a quick call entry, please see page C-Key The C-key cancel key has several functions. These features are also available in the state-dependent menus.

Housse Aastra d – SESC

If you have set an alarm see page 78 the symbol appears on the display. Your system administrator will register the handset for operation on a communications system with OpenMobilityManager. Never — open the charging station or the mobile device aside from the battery compartment lid! These precautions apply to the handset, the charger cradle, and the rechargeable batteries i. Installation Menu Press softkey. This menu group contains all types of call forwarding that you can program on your telephone.

You can speak with the caller immediately. Especially avoid accidental short circuiting during storage and transport due to, e. Aasta After a security check, this deletes the selected phone number.


Aastra 142d User Manual

Up to ten entries can be stored in the caller filter. You can view the phone numbers in the caller list, together with the corresponding details the time of the call, for exampledelete them, and copy them to predialing, to the telephone book, or to the caller filter. Mobility Need to enable your mobile workers, keeping them connected at all times?

New Entry Aastrx telephone book can contain up to entries. Dispose of used batteries in accordance with your local regulations, and recycle them whenever you can.

The first call will be held. When you insert the batteries for the first aasrta, the charge status will not be displayed correctly until they have been completely discharged and then completely recharged. This digital channel guarantees the highest voice quality possible without static or background noise.

If you do this, you will only be able to operate aastta handset on that system again when you have registered it again. This is the name that is displayed when your handset is in the idle state. The wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. Functions Receiver on the back: For further information, please contact your system administrator.

ProVu Communications | Aastra d

Switching the handset on C Press and hold down the C key or place the handset in the charger cradle. Page Index Text lines 22 Three-party conference 34 Time display when idle 33 set 78, 91 Time control 90 Time format 83 Toggle 34, 52, 55, 57 Transfer 52, 55, 56 to external subscriber 53 to internal subscriber 52 Transmission of call numbers 35 Trunk keys 34 Un park 40 Updating software You can switch the handset off so that your batteries will stay charged for longer.


Dialling Directly Telephoning Dialling Directly Press the call key and enter the internal or external call number if necessary with prefixed code for external line seizure, please refer to page 42 also.

You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Housse Aastra 142d

For information 412d how to do this, please contact the administrator of the system in question. Page Index Notes For more detailssee our t erms and conditions of sale. As long as the mobile unit is in the charging station no calls are signalled.

You can enter multiple call numbers per entry per name office, mobile and per- sonal and designate one of these numbers as the default number. Note Switch off the mobile unit before removing the batteries as there may be a loss of data otherwise. All other countries – up to hours with fully charged batteries. The following operating instructions will assist you in using your Aastra d DECT telephone and answer most of the questions that may arise.

You make the emergency or SOS call to the programmed phone number by pressing and holding.