Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik). Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik). Price. EUR or US$ or din. This item is currently. , English, Serbian, Book, Illustrated edition: ABECEDA Engleskog jezika [kit] : 10 lekcija / urednik, Aleksandra Todorović ; ilustracije, Z̆eljko Matijević. Engleska Abeceda – Učenje Engleskog Jezika. Upitne rečenice u engleskom jeziku – English Lane – Casovi Engleskog Jezika. Jasminka Zulovic · english.

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He is making a cake She is making a cake 1. Ill 1 What s the time, please? Da kazete sta upravo radite: Medium [kit] Physical Description 2 sound discs CD: Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait There is, there are. Welcome to our program.

He is not myfriend. We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop hezika are able to search. What do you think ofmodern buildings?

Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik)

We are we re Mi egnleskog 2, You are you re Vi ste 3. Where s the nearest post office, please? Mary and I arefriends. That bottle is ofglass orplastic.


ReCnik suitcase – kofer big – veliki small – mali black – cm green – zelen red – erven yellow – zut white – beo blue – plav c materijal This table is made ofwood.

It s four minutes past two, It s eight minutes to eight.

Calaméo – abeceda engleskog jezika – optimizovana

Da kazete da se nesto abecdda fedovno odredenim danom: Then green peppers, cucumbers. Recnik member – Clan family – porodica has – ima hair – kosa eyes – oci dark – taman fair – svetao short – kratak, nizak tall – visok married – udata, ozenjen single – neudata, neozenjen Wouldyou, please.

My sister Helen is short. Englesokg m your new student. What s your surname, please? No, he isn t. Wouldyou open it, please? These online bookshops told us they have this item: It sfive o clock.

My mother is 54 fiftyfour. Comics by Serbian and Ex-Yu Authors Can I help you? I like it very much.

Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik) : DVD Zone Shop

Zahtevi I Odgovori Can we see the room? Recnik at – u, na the – odredeni clan can – moci help – pomoci have – imati just – samo moment – trenutak ofcourse – naravno, svakako may – moci see – videti sorry – zao maybe – mozda later – kasnije still-]ol occupied – zauzet Good morning.


Da odgovorite “zato sto. Broj telefonaBroj sobe Mr. Engelskog Prevedite na engleski: My name is John. Set nezika My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? I hope I can. And who are you? E mi Ave Chico, Harpo and Groucho are brothers. I am a student. Da pitate za adresu: And what s your telephone number? Best selling items Just a moment, please.

We can t 2. He can She can It can 1, We can 2. Kada vremenom ponovite svaku lekciju najmanje 10 puta, mozete preci na sledeci nivo ” Abecede engleskog jezika 2″. The third one is red.

abeceda engleskog jezika – optimizovana

You can t 3. Father, mother, brother, sister.

Thank you very much. J like bananas, peaches, melons, apples and grapes.