(originally posted in at the other site) ADAC is the organization that responds to essentially every automotive Panne (breakdown) in. Reliability Statistics Bonanza: Thirty Years Of Pannenstatistik. By Paul . Here is what Michael Karesh wrote in about ADAC’s methods. Automotive News Europe 14 July Becker K, Stickel Th () Einfluss von Accessed on 20 November ADAC () Die ADAC Pannenstatistik.

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On the contrary to what people are saying above, things like Toyota Starlets are pannenstatishik here mainly by old age pensioners, that is, people who cover very little mileages, so that has to be brought into account I am not saying they are unreliable, just not the wonder car the survey makes them out to be. Also, these only show the winners in their respective categories, not an overall ranking.

Recent Comments Art Vandelay: Does Mercedes provide free roadside assistance in Europe like they do here, and do they contract pannenststistik someone other than ADAC? Kia and Hyundia are going to be the death knell of the likes of Mazda and Nissan as they are using German engineering and a more pannenstatkstik quality program.

Coachbuilding for the Relatively Regular Customer? Certainly the Fiat diesels are class leaders as far as reliability is concerned how about an Alfa 5 cyl diesel which managed to make to toKmmiles before the engine died. The next 12 years I added k to it.

Avatars by Sterling Adventures. You could google it yourself. Apparently the DSG has an extremely expensive service interval every 40, miles.

Posted May 27, at 1: Still, the German brands fare a lot better than you would expect from all the noise over here. They were too conservative to try something that different.


So if we look at a smaller co. Posted May 26, at 5: But that was not the case in 80s and 90s.

German Reliability Statistics: Thirty Years Of ADAC’s Pannenstatistik

Symptomatic of the Rise and Fall of Daimler-Benz? That would do it. With a goddamn funnel! My 1st Hyundai, with ,00 miles has a different, but somewhat similar an oxymoron issue. The TUV rankings are interesting too. I can tell you that from what I hear from my friends in the motor trade, current models are nothing like the old horrors in the reliability stakes.

That sums up how I feel about it now. Some of the the people you described may now buy Hyundais and… Pannenstatiistik yes — I know a few younger people who needed a reasonably reliable first car and took the plunge. Actually, Chrysler has been dying for nearly 40 years. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

The reality is that mechanical breakdowns have been dropping pretty steadily the whole time, so that the relative difference between cars is becoming less relevant. What exactly is an economy brand for you? I was mainly interested in this from a historical perspective, because of the Starlet article. Yeah, and Alfas have a reputation for being more sensitive to correct servicing, correct oil etc — not exactly a Hilux.

Very interesting, but could you please post some more recent data? pannenstatistuk

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The next driver thinks BMW is super and damns Volvo to hell, and the third only drives Mercedes as he has for the last 30 years. Posted May 26, at 4: After about or so, take it with a grain of salt. Pannenstatitsik maintenance and treating my machinery with respect.


But that is one car I bet would be hard to turn up even in fertile CC country. Despite the trim falling off after k. Google Gasoline particulate filters.

Paul, does AAA collect similar statistics, or are they too lazy or decentralized?

Mary Barra has already told Sergio where he can shove it. But in my opinion, roadside breakdowns are so infrequent now, that the statistical differences are inconclusive. Click here to view our privacy policy.

Reliability Statistics Bonanza: Thirty Years Of Pannenstatistik – The Truth About Cars

The Tipo is a good example. Finally one of the techs looked it up in a Hollander manual and discovered that it cross referenced with pannenstatixtik BMW part number.

Combining a weak, low quality US producer with a weak, low quality, European producer does not look like a gene pool that will challenge Honda any time soon. Certainly the times have changed. Posted May 27, at If my experience is any guide, the Daewoo might actually be better. We also get a lot of people who put petrol in diesel cars. OK, long-time reader and owner of this CC specimen here, and this post finally gets me to register and comment.

Posted May 27, at 5: Turbos are having issues everywhere. Have to agree on the rest though.