Amy Renfrey is a photography expert from Australia. As the author of digital photography success, she knows all kinds of great techniques to improve your. Recently I sat down with pro photographer Amy Renfrey of the Focus ezine. She’s just returned from a vacation and shared some of the photos she took with me. Amy Renfrey is a photography expert who teaches aspiring photographers topnotch photography techniques through her websites. She has photographed.

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Amy Renfrey

The most important aspect of this eBook is that it shows new camera users how to use a number of built-in features that are commonly found in digital cameras.

By guiding you through how to change the settings and what specifically they do, Amy welcomes you to a fantastic new world of digital photography, one where you hold the camera, and anything is possible.

Amy stands alone as an authority in photography and digital qmy education on the internet. Not only does her website on photography contain over articles detailing the intricacies of digital photography, she has also published over articles on digital photography on third-party websites such as ezinearticles.


If you have read about photography, specifically about digital photography and techniques for improving at it, you have probably already come across some of her fine work.

Amy teaches some of the basic principles of digital photographybut also goes into lots of detail on more advanced topics as well. The first time I read her eBook I refer to it xmy Based on photography classes I had taken before, I thought it was important to have at least some video demonstration.

Not only does Amy explain how to adjust the settings on the camera to achieve various effects, she also goes into serious detail on how to configure your camera for specific scenes.

One section, all about how to adjust your camera settings to take great pictures of water, taught me virtually everything I wanted to know about this topic. Amy explains how adjusting the shutter speed actually changes the texture of the water in the photograph by altering the amount of blur in the image.


There are other sections renfrej tips and advice on photographing wildlife, sunsets, night photography and even more. This online magazine which comes out monthly is usually about 90 pages long and is jam-packed with cool photography information, examples and other tidbits that have really helped me improve as a photographer.

I encourage anyone interesting in improving genfrey digital photography to check out what Amy has to offer. After reading this section, any pictures that I took of still or moving water looked excellent.

Amy Renfrey Books Show Digital Photography Secrets That You Always Wanted | Amy Renfrey

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