UNIT 4 ANTI-ARRACK MOVEMENT. Structure. Aims and Purpose. Introduction. The Movement: How it Began. Other Initiatives against Arrack. Anti-Arrack Movements for Women in India! Women have been in the forefront of movements against liquor-related social evils. Women in Patad village in Uttar. Anti-Arrack movement. Year:(September and October) Place:Andhra Pradesh Purpose: Ban on alcoholism. In AP witnessed a spontaneous.

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Nonetheless, this was not a feminist struggle even though it led to the self-empowerment of these women. These centers became the forums where people discussed the problems that the village faced; the neo-literate women used this platform to communicate their problems and experiences with other women.

Remember me on this computer. Thus, the anti arrack movement also became part of the women’s movement. Click here to sign up. The start of this movement can be traced back to the women of Doobagunta. The Government now in a catch 21 situation. Arrack shops in the village were at a distance from the village.

They had a simple demand of no selling and drinking of liquor in the village. The Varun Vahini Program ensured that the arrack was packaged into sachets and brought into the village, at the very door step of the villager. The news spread fast and women of about villages got inspired and met together in meeting, passed resolution for imposing prohibition send them to the District Collector Reasons: It was through these classes that the women united against the consumption of arrack in their villages.

The woman was left to struggle to provide for the subsistence of her household and children and was also at the receiving end of abuse and beating that came at the expense of a drunken husband. It affected the rural economy of the region.


Their focus shifted from legal reforms to open social confrontations. Government and arrack Through out the agitation,Government took a stand that it needs revenue from arrack to carry out welfare activities especially providing Rs.

A person could drink throughout the day in the confines of his house.

Women were finding it difficult to board buses, wash clothes in the pond, and move around freely in the village. Soon the men stopped going to Mudigonda, and gradually even stopped imbibing arrack.

It will focus on the origins of the movement and try to evaluate the causes that led to the women of Andhra Pradesh uniting and protesting the sale and consumption of arrack.

Word Count for the essay: A close nexus between crime and politics was established around the business of arrack. What were the issues raised in the anti arrack movement? Chandra Babu Naidu, the son in law and Member of the cabinet, wrested power from N.

Arrack is rectified spirit, which is obtained by distilling fermented molasses. Women took action on the spot depending on the situation. This simple demand brought forth an agitation involving thousands of women and spread into the urban areas and turned into a movement. Many women even committed suicide to escape this daily torture. Qnti and class hierarchies are clearly evident in this movement. These agitations shaped the anti arrack movement in the state Q.

Anti-Arrack Movements for Women in India

This was not a movement of the upper caste or wealthy women but of the lower-caste women who belonged to the class of landless agricultural laborers. The women involved in this protest belonged to the poorer Dalit households. Many women were arrested and cases filed against them.


This was a concentrated programme that lasted four months. These probably inspired women to fight for their rights. It was suggested that Indian Manufactured Liquor outlets be reduced and toddy regulated.

Jayamma, a resident of Bandarupalli had been driven to 8 suicide twice because of constant abuse at the hands of her husband. Now Sara Amsam- All about Sara.

The cultural, historical, geographical, religious, political and other factors contribute to this diversity. After the third five-year plan there is no mention of prohibition in the subsequent plans. Although this movement does not exemplify the feminist struggle but it did bring to the fore the complicated combinations in which gender movenent politics intermingle.

From anti-arrack to total prohibition: the women’s movement in Andhra Pradesh, India.

In fact, many of the liquor contractors are present day politicians and there is a close nexus between crime and politics. This term project has been submitted abti Many meetings were held and dhranas given and slowly an awareness campaign built against arrack. A joint Action Committee formed. This aspect has been briefly enumerated in this essay. They wanted arrack to be banned and required that a task force to arradk this ban include a sizeable percentage of women from the neighborhood along with police and excise officials be established.