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It is exceedingly sensitive- how much more, then, must the pure Life Principle itself be sensitive? Do this putting by your knowledge to practical application, never losing sight of the fact attaining no matter what justification you may think you have at the time, any feeling of discouragement, dissatisfaction, or anxiety causes the fulfillment of your right desire to recede further and further away from you.

In this way you infuse into the Universal Mind your desires and ambitions, thus intensifying your power of attraction relative to the desire uppermost in your mind from the infinite forces. You have grasped the letter of the lesson in a remarkable way.

This power is the primary Living I ntelligence of the universe. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I am convinced, through years of study of this almost superhuman mind, that this literary form is the one most nearly calculated attakning convey the most subtle shades of meaning, the richest depth of soul-sounding. Is it true that my thoughts and feelings are the same as those of the limitless Power and Intelligence of the universe?

The Master Key System. Genevieve Behrend e J udge Thomas T. All the average mind is able to see is the inert clay, whereas, in reality, it is the physical instrument which contains the invisible power. I mean, by a lower degree of intelligence, one that is unable to recognize itself as being one of the highest forms of life.


He seemed to depend entirely upon Mrs. You will find the Promises of man’s power over Nature, Conditions, etc. As it is independent of time and space, it ykur be pure thought, the embodiment of stored consciousness.

Attaining Your Desires By Genevieve Behrend

If a thing is true, there is a definite way in which it is true. Paul calls himself a wise master-builder.

How to Live Life and Love It. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. Rough Draft Printing January 9, Language: If will-power can produce certain external results, why not use it to that end?

From where does that sense of real protection come? The positive “I will” quality of your thought brought up from the depth of your inmost soul a steady flow of intelligent power, which finally penetrated through to your intellect and guided your hand to the switch.

You mean that by making practical use of your suggestions, I will be able to attain practical results which will help not only myself but others also? You are expressing a very high degree of intelligence in desiring to understand the laws of Life. On the other hand by simply believing the Divine Promises, you transfer the whole operation to the Divine Spirit your subjective mindand so you have a good ground of expectation, and by your mental receptive attitude you become a ‘fellow worker’ with God.

You will go back to the original concept of it.


Remember, you and your Spirit are One, and it is all quite natural. What is the apparently mysterious secret by which life’s dull metal is transmuted into precious mintage? My answer to this is very simple, thought perhaps old-fashioned.

Attaining Your Desires

In the United States alone, more than 50, copies have been sold. When we began the Library, one New Thought organization was upset that we were giving away these public domain works for free and asking for your assistance in this project. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! His views were the result of solitary medication and a deep study of the scriptures. You miss the point of your relationship to the great whole if you do not realize that it is not only an originating, but also a forming power.

Full text of “Attaining Your Desires”

The will attakning the power-control in your mind, which holds your thought in a given direction until a result has been accomplished. Life wants to express joy through you, for it made you an instrument in which and through which to do it.

It is this supreme Intelligence manifested through you that guides your activities. In the sentence you quote, ‘It is exceedingly sensitive,’ etc. Endeavor to realize that where there is life, that life has to give is present in its entirety at all times and in all places, and will come into visible expression through the persistent recognition of this grand fact. The Secret of the Ages.