6/7Moses: Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses () Ab: Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage J: Liber Juratus (Sworn Book of Honorius). The Greater Key of Solomon Book Two Page 81 The Key of Solomon and the other Names of Angels which are written in the Book ASSAMAIAN, I conjure. “Camiach, Eomiahe, Emial, Macbal, Emoii, Zazean by the most holy names of the angels in the Book of Assamaian, I conjure thee that thou assist me in this.

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Aub24 reads “necromancer”, and Ad. An old man in a red plaid shirt jumped out. Their empire is the creation of ideas; they correspond to activity and energy of thought.

New York Public Library But as for the Knife with the black hilt see Figure 62 for making the Circle, wherewith to strike terror and fear into the Spirits, it should be made in the same manner, except that it should be done in the day boko hour of Saturn, and dipped in the blood of a black cat and in the juice of hemlock, the Characters and Names shown in Figure 62 being written thereon, from the point towards the hilt.

The Synthesis of the Elohim is the Schema. Thou shalt have a marsh-reed cut at a single stroke with a new knife, and thou shalt strip from it the gook, repeating this Conjuration: But if by night, until the third hour. For the real history of the assamaiian of God is the allegorical legend of Humanity.

In many operations it is necessary to make some sort of sacrifice unto the Demons, and in various ways. I have done great things by the virtue of the Schema Hamphorasch, and by the Thirty-two Paths of Yetzirah.

The which matters being prepared, it is necessary for thee to search out and arrange some fitting place wherein the Magical Art and its Experiments can be put in practice. If by chance it should happen that having performed an experiment with due observance of days, hours, and requisite solemnities, thou shalt find it unsuccessful, it must be in some manner false, ill-arranged and defective, and thou must assuredly have failed in some matter; for if thou doest ill in one single point, these experiments or these Arts will not be verified.

Virgin Parchment is that which is taken from an Animal which hath not attained the age of generation, whether it be ram, or kid, or other animal. The disciples should wash themselves in like manner, and with like solemnities. Then sprinkle it, and keep it as before said. For experiments of asssamaian love and favor, in whatever way it may be desired, if will succeed, provided that they have been prepared at the proper hours, and that the Moon be increasing in light and in the Sign of the Twins.

Mathers reads “the dagger, or the burin of art.


The Key of Solomon: Book II: Chapter XVI. Of the Blood of the Bat, Pigeon, And Other Animals

The summary list in Sl reads “Spade Coltello, quali sono due, il Bollino, l’Arctauo, lo stillo, Lancetta, Ago, Bastone, Verga” swords, knife, which are two, bolline, arctave, stylus, short lance, needle, staff, wand.

Should it then happen that thou hast undertaken any secret operation for con- versing with or conjuring Spirits, in which the day and the hour are not marked, thou shalt put it in execution on the days and hours of Mercury, at the sixteenth or twenty- third hour, but it will be still better at the eighth, which is the third of the same night, which is called and means before the morning, for then thou shalt be able to put in practice all the Arts and Operations which should he performed, according as it shall please thee by day or by night, provided that they have been prepared at the hours suitable to them, as hath been already said.

May all Creatures who receive the odour of this Incense and of these spices receive health of body and of soul, through Him who hath formed the Ages. Thus upon this chapter dependeth this whole key of arts, experiments, and operations, and although every solemnity be rightly observed, no experiment will be verified, unless thou canst penetrate the meaning of this chapter.


Each letter of this Pentagram represents a power of good attacked by the five accursed nations. Lord, who shall abide The Spirits are governed by assamaiaan natural and universal Hierarchy of things. Thou shalt also abstain from every impure thing; reciting the bokk above written. They should each be cut from the tree at a single stroke, on the day of Mercury, at sunrise. The first shall bear the censer, the fire, and the incense.


L mistakes the last one for Ps So exact a preparation of days and hours is not necessary for those who are adepts in the art, but it is extremely necessary for apprentices and beginners, seeing that those who have been little or not at all instructed herein, and who only begin to apply themselves to this art, do assamajan have as much faith in the experiments as those who are adepts therein, and who have practiced them.

The third; the knife, 2 and the quill knife. Compare with Zecorboni above.

When the master of the art 1 wisheth to put in practice any operation or experiment, especially one of importance, he should first consider of what companions he should avail himself. So Aub24 and Ad When the Master of the Art wisheth to put in practice any Operation or Experiment, especially one of importance, he should first consider of what Companions he should avail himself.

The source of most of the confusion comes from the word “artavus”, which is relatively rare. From top left to bottom right: The Disciples also, together with the Master, shall recite the same Confession with a low but distinct voice, as hath been already said in the First Book.


The disciples then, being well and thoroughly instructed, and fortified with a wise and understanding heart, the master shall take exorcised water, and he shall enter with his Disciples into a secret place purified and clean, where he must strip them entirely naked; after aszamaian, let him pour exorcised water upon their heads, which he should cause to flow from the crown of their head unto the sole of their foot, so as to bathe them entirely therewith; and while bathing them thus, he should say: Unfortunately this interesting passage is confused in the manuscripts.

Figure 61, from Ad. I conjure thee, O needle or other instrument3 by God the Father almighty, by the virtue of the heavens, of the stars, and of the angels who preside over them; by the virtue of stones, herbs, and animals; by the virtue of hail, snow, and wind; that thou receivest such virtue that thou mayest obtain without deceit the end which I desire in all things where I shall use thee; through God the creator of the ages, and emperor of the angels.

After this, with the knife of the art, thou shalt fashion the reed into the shape of a knife, and upon it thou shalt write these names: Figure 62, from Aub24, fol.

Then sprinkle it, and keep it as before said. Having sounded the trumpet towards the East 15 as before taught let him invoke the spirits, and if need he conjure them, as is said in the first book, and having attained his desired effect, let him license them to depart. The Italian Zecorbeni manuscript Ad. Another part of the same oration. After this thou shalt put it aside for seven days with sweet spices; and thou shalt use this silk to wrap all the instruments of the Art.

And by their diverse combinations thou shalt make the Genii and Angels speak. Andros asked him about it, and the man told him the tattoo was covering a long scar he had gotten in a car accident.

The sixth Sephira is Tiphereth the Supreme Beauty. For this reason I earnestly pray and conjure the person into whose hands this Key of Secrets may fall, neither to communicate it, nor to make any one a partaker in this knowledge, if he be not faithful, nor capable of keeping a secret, nor expert in the arts.

Having sounded the trumpet as before taught let him invoke the Spirits, and if need be conjure them, as is said in the First Book, and having attained his desired effect, let him license them to depart.