The Bride Price tells the poignant love story of Aku-nna, a young Igbo girl, and Chike, the son of a prosperous former slave. They are drawn. Complete summary of Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Bride Price. First published in , this great literary classic follows a young Nigerian woman who rejects the patriarchal traditions of her culture to find love and happiness.

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She would bring in wealth to her family in the form of a good bride price. But is she able to live happily ever after? Ma Blackie has some money set aside for Aku-nna to finish her schooling, emecjeta Okonkwo agrees, only because an educated girl will fetch a high Aku-nna’s father dies when she is thirteen-years-old.

The Bride Price – Wikipedia

I like to hear about the old customs and their new ways, how their worship of the ancestors mixes with Christianity to create a new altogether bril 3. Lagos Onlinehttp: According to Nnaemeka, Emecheta has said that she had to write or else she “would have to be put in an asylum. With this in mind, she used the story of her struggles, her failed marriage, and subsequent hardships of raising a family on her own to write her first book, In the Ditch Philomina Chioma Steady argues, for example, that the taboos surrounding menstruation are not as misogynistic as they might seem to Westerners, since semen also “can be seen bridw polluting.

On May 30,the Republic of Biafra was created. Katherine Frank in World Literature Written in English claims that Emecheta’s novels “compose the most exhaustive and moving portrayal extant of the African woman. The fathers fail to silence the heroine’s internal discourse Aku-nna never does go homeand the heroine fails to overthrow the fathers. Moreover, she tells us that Aku-nna’s death is used by her people as emechetx object lesson to young girls, who are warned not to pick husbands on their own and to make sure their bride price is paid.

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Such traditions do pfice change very much. Social status, local politics, clan alliances, and economics itself all feed off the status of women as tokens of exchange. To make this a little clearer, in a patriarchal society, man is considered the norm. Jan 25, Sophia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Women were expected to give birth to many children, hopefully sons, to ensure the future of the group, but as she grew older, the woman received assistance from younger wives who took care of the children, so the older wife could farm and make crafts, thus allowing her the opportunity to achieve impressive economic status.


It does not mean what Westerners mean by it. Shortly after, Emecheta gave birth to her second child and then departed for London to join her husband, who had gone there to study. No room for heavy books for a bit longer. He is a handsome, charming, reformed rake who is absolutely devoted to his new love—treating her with kindness and compassion when everyone brride ignores her.

She creates an image of fish caught in a net, referring to Aku-nna and Nna-nndo as. A baby girl is born healthy, but Aku-nna perishes due to extreme anemia, according to her doctor.

The Bride Price |

Place Published New York. When I saw the title of the book I thought to myself that it was a good book. So when Aku-nna, more so than Chike who is even more marginalized than she, tries to think independently, she finds that it is far more difficult than she imagined.

The story is about a girl named Aku-nna who lived a emcheta comfortable life in the city of Lagos, Nigeria with her family. This is a disgrace, ubchi her lover’s father can pay a bigger bride-price than anyone else; and her stepfather has tribal ambitions that require money.

And both of them pray to God every night to help them through Aku-nna’s subsequent pregnancy.

Review – The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta

His loyalty is rewarded when Aku-nna and Chike, married and living away from the village, bring Nna-nndo to their home so that he might be better nourished, both physically and intellectually, than he would have been in the Ibuza village. When Aku-nna is kidnapped, it looks for a while as if she just might have the will to speak such a language.

The story here is compelling, and the characters are fully realized and sympathetic. As a result, her uncle Okonkwo inherits Aku-nna, her mother, and her brother. The next day, word of her disgrace has already spread around the village when Chike rescues her and the two elope, fleeing to Ughelli where Chike has work.


When the young girls around her begin to prepare her for the reaction to this news—the young men and their fathers bargaining a bride price with Aku-nna’s stepfather—Aku-nna begins to understand more of the complexities of her newly embraced womanhood.

No pair of scissors nor comb must touch her hair. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Or was it because her stepfather, in vengefulness and voodoo-like practice, calls her spirit back home?

We certainly would never believe it. I first read Buchi’s work a couple years ago in a lit class “The Family”.

Emecheta’s literary heirs write more graceful, accomplished prose than she does–at least, in this early book. Would you really die if the bride price is not paid? I look forward to reading more of Buchi Emecheta’s works in the future even though this ;rice had some difficult and disturbing episodes. But her story was spread as superstitions to fetc This is also a heart breaking story from Buchi Emecheta, actually from her own experience of agony pricw faced and she expected her own life to be happy but it was not.

This book was so sad but a prive interesting book I liked it. This teaching has been reinforced through myth and taboos to such an extent that it constitutes the very fabric of Aku-nna’s being. The author’s own experiences from her early life are obviously influencing her writing, and many of her books deal with feminine oppression and poverty.

Open Preview See a Problem? Also, both men and women farmed, with women’s work seen as complementary to the man’s. Buchi was clearly aiming a few shots at certain actions condoned and committed in the name of culture.

She must never have a bath.