One of these is Brihat Jataka (f55fl?T$) written by Varahamihira. He was born near Ujjain. The date of his birth is not known, but Mr. A A. Macdonell says that. – Buy Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira book online at best prices in India on Read Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira book reviews & author. Brihat Jataka is a great classic of Vedic astrology composed by The Great He also authored the famous Brihat Samhita, Laghu Jataka and Yogayatra.

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If the Moon in the position described be aspected by benefic planets, the child will live 8 years.

According to some, the the Lagnayus is as many years as there are Rasis reckoned from Mesha up to Lagna. The conditions for the survival or otherwise of the cast away child. He will get the briihat of aged women. Effects of planets occupying inimical or depression signs.

X — 1whatever has been spoken of as the effect of the presence of planets in the several bhavas- Ch.

Full text of “Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira By V Subrahmanya Sastri”

This is exactly the western princi- ple afoo. If the Moon is at the ripening of bribat dasa or antardasa passing through a sign owned by Saturn, the person concerned will have intrigues with a bad woman. But Saturn is an exception. He will be eulogised by the learned and thus become famous. The net evil arising there is thus -only 4 — 3 3 or i th.

Any three of the above in exaltation may be in 4 ways 4 c: The commentary Dasadhyayi says that since Gulika is the first planet to be jata,a as per all schools of Astrology, this sloka, if interpreted in another wav, gives the method of finding out jwtaka Gulika rises at day and when at night on the several days of the week.


But if such planets should be possessed of equal strength, then the one thatch as a longer Ayurdaya brihxt have his dasa prevail earlier. Opposition of benefics- to the MoQn in these two places only hastens death.

Jataoa Moon Mars Second Yoga. According to others the birth should be predicted thus: The dasa of a planet in a depression or inimical Navamsa is to be understood as untoward. In the above principle Mars should be in the 12th and Saturn in the 2nd ; it is an important principle that Saturn in the visible half of the zodiac will increase the life.

In the 5th, the skin appears, and the lord of the month brjhat the Moon. Notesor Moveable or Fixed or Dual 1st Decanate spwr awn! See chapter XX infra. They are now ready for reading the result.

Brihat Jataka (varahamihira)

These nataka are night signs and are strongat night. Kerne in Leyden, Holland. Here begin the Rajayogas of Varahamihira Swocha Swagrihatrikona means planets must he in their own or exaltation house and at the same time trine to one another.

He will then be in Meena Dwadasamsa. Other yogas leading to the death of the woman conceiving. If not, find out the rising Dwadasamsa and predict the colour of the animal as described in I, 20 and II, 5. Raghavendra Bhatt, the eminent Astrologer of Mangalore, for the very valuable suggestions given in the course of the preparation of this work, which, but for such aid and advice, could not, have been under- taken.


Planets in midheaven of aspiring to Midheaven gjfqcr,: Venus is neither very white nor very black.

The character of the lamp is to be guessed from the character of the sign occupied by the Sun, i. I would be failing in my duty if I do not acknowledge with gratitude the spontanious wonderful financial assistance rendered by the authorities of the XU Syndicate Bank, Manipal. Since this is greater than 12, his net period is T35 years. That this interpretation is rational is borne out by 1 it will give strength to all Bhavas as otherwise it will be partial to treat of only four houses viz- the Kendras ; 2 the author has qJready talked of Kendras i ri the 17th sloka.

As ruler of the Lagna in the 3rd, the strength of the native is not very good. Jupiter is the only planet in the Succedent houses. The deities presiding over them.

If tbft Sun be the malefic concerned, there is a repulsion at the outset nataka.

It must thus be remembered that bribat aspect of male- fics is also required to make the native mute, and the aspect of benefics to counteract it. The Moon is quincunx to Mars.

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