For the love of GOD, don’t use Cairngorm (2) as a framework. Use either RobotLegs or Parsley. Both of which has awesome documentation. These explain the Cairngorm Architecture, which is our preferred way to structure Flex applications. Below the introductory material can be found more detailed. In recent years, the Flex technology has been widely used. Adobe Flex application framework designed to start introduction of the Cairngorm framework.

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By doing so, Flex automatically converts an server-side object returned through remoting or data service interaction to its corresponding ActionScript object.

The class LoadEmployeesEvent package com. Like the Front Controller, it is placed within the main. The modern frameworks work by watching the display list for Views that you’re interested in to be added to the stage, then supplying them with dependencies according to rules you set up.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The fact that Cairngorm is built around a Command pattern cairngoorm a centrally located command repository can be very convenient for some projects that require audit or undo functionality. Adobe Flex Master Lu. ModelLocator The Caringorm class updates the data in the model typically, a collection of value objects defined in the global ModelLocator.

In Cairngorm everything should be mapped to an event. You can download the source code of this application at http: I had gone through many documents, no where mentioned how cairngorm framework works tramework, means, how cairngorm Event, frontController, BusinessDelegate,ServiceLocator,Commands works and why we are extending or implementing cairngorm class like ICommand, IResponder and cairngormEvent. If you have to develop a project without experienced Flex developers on your team, however, Cairngorm can give your project a structure that will caiengorm it from failing.


flex – How cairngorm framework works internally – Stack Overflow

It acts as a centralized repository for all data needed in the application. Using a centralized ModelLocator also makes multiple components dependent framewrok the knowledge of the properties of the model.

It should only pass strongly typed value objects to a responder. The Command implementation package com. Cairngorm is based on the MVC model.

For the love of GOD, don’t use Cairngorm 2 as a framework.

Cairngorm 3 is based on Parsley. Notify me of new comments via email. The Command class updates the data in the model typically, a collection of value objects defined in the global ModelLocator. PureMVC is a framework for creating applications based upon the well-established model—view—controller design pattern. The complete frontend-logic of the RIA is encapsulated within the commands. If one of them will fled updated, not only will its listener get notified to update the view, but the other 9 will get this event, too.

Fina1 draft 2nd edition of ECMA We prefer working with frameworks that offer enhanced Flex components rather than just separation of work among team members. The architectural framework Cairngorm caingorm created by Alistair McLeod and Steven Webster while they were working at the company iteration:: The fact that all services are located in a central place allows frqmework to quickly reconfigure the data sources, i.


Adobe Labs features Cairngorm as the architectural framework for Rich Internet Application programmers.

In a Cairngorm Model, related data are stored in Value Objects VOswhile simple variables can be stored as direct properties of the ModelLocator class. If your project will start growing, the ModelLocator may not scale well. The business layer retrieves data from the servers and stores it in the memory objects that represent the data model, which use binding to notify the UI components about data arrival or changes.

Cairngorm Framework for Flex Developers

The event object may cairngodm additional data if required by the developer. Notify me of new posts via email. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volumes Regardless of what framework you are going to use, separating various application components in project subfolders helps make the project more organized.

Implemented as a singleton, it contains references to all services an application will use. Meanwhile, keep these observations about Cairngorm in mind:. So, is Cairngorm right for your project? The author, after a careful study of the entire framework, has made some improvements on the Cairngorm framework of service call mechanism, which proposed the Cairngorm framework of improved.

It is specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization between the client and the server, while keeping the programming of the View layer detached from the data implementation.