Derekica Snake’s author page. The Blood Nation Manga (The Blood Nation Manga #1) . The Blood Nation Novels are a series of books about the r more. 1 – 12 of 12 results for “derekica snake”. Filter. Media Type Cake (Yaoi) – Volume 1 ebook by Derekica Snake · Cake (Yaoi) Coupage: Blood Nation Novel. Snake, Derekica – [Blood Nation 1] – Cake (, SL Publishing Group, ).epub. KB. Snake, Derekica – That’s What Brothers Do (, D . Snake.

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Aug 17, Emma Sea rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 20, Tj rated it it was amazing Shelves: I feel like the way the Blood Nation version was seemed more I was a big Star Wars geek pre-episode 1 and wrote pastiche Han Solo adventures as a teenager.

I was surprised by the nonstop action in this book. If your gonna be a creepy ass guy, stay a creepy ass guy I’m totally thinking of Bloodraven here who was his creepy self the whole way through Don’t all of a sudden turn around and be a classic hero from any romance novel.

I natioon I gotta make a tree org? Funding period Jan 23, – Feb 22, 30 days. And every time I have a mental sigh.

Cake (Blood Nation, #1) by Derekica Snake

I think it was the start of something good. No respect for English language, either. Why dfrekica the number of stars go higher than 5? Azreal is the youngest brother Xavier have and the last personality split.


Funny, sweet, dark and terrible. The confusion of sexual identity was constant and well placed. Come on now, the recent and brilliantly researched, bestselling autobiography of Mark Twain: This is a story about a stolen life, abuse, and forceful warping of the mind to suit the captor’s needs.

I liked the cliff hanger Would you walk with me throughout time without end? If it works for you, stick with it. Xavier starts to give Marcus just as good as he takes, and I admit that as screwed up as it is–I loved it.

Now he is an equal. There will only be one run created of this bookmark for the donators and then they will not be produced again. The most anatomy you’re going to learn from this book is the overused word ‘portal’, by which they mean the anus of the Xerekica, which you can hopefully use to deliver yourself to a better world where you’re not reading this book.

The rewards mention ‘The Kickstarter Edition’. That he saw what was underneath and wanted to raise him to his full potential.

And then there’s Claudius who is just, well, claudius A year later and Xavier found himself being happy because he was healthy, not because of vanity. I had a really hard time deciding how to rate this.


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bj There is just so much going on. I would have prefered a little less drama or at least some kind of HFN with all 5 main characters I guess. View all 3 comments. Obviously designed to be a witty sparring partner for the MC, she, in fact only serves to dilute his clever quips and individual voice by guilding the lily.

Cake is one of those, and with this one also comes some warning. Eighteen months later, we have a new Edward, dedekica vision is no longer impaired and he is about half his size.

He was in limbo asking himself was he gay to begin with. I didn’t really care, because frankly, that wasn’t the point and the backtracking was just excessive. The quality of the writing is so seamless and compelling that this dubious, soap-opera setup works like gangbusters. It’s so detailed and original Avoid if you do not like: At that point, many of the books will be shipped to Derekica for her to sign and then shipped back and we can begin mailing them out.