Matei Călinescu. · Rating details · ratings · 12 reviews. Five Faces of Modernity is a series of semantic and cultural biographies of words that have taken. Five Faces of Modernity: Modernism, Avant-Garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism. Front Cover. Matei Călinescu. Duke University Press, Modernist Cultures invites essays from various fields of inquiry, including anthropology, art history, cultural studies, ethnography, film studies, history, literature.

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It does not imply either an irrationalistic stance or an inimical attitude toward science. What we have today is a radical disjunction of culture and social structure, and it is such disjunctions which historically have paved the way for more direct social revolutions. Facex ancients knew that gods were mortal; they were manifestations of cyclical time and as such would come to life again and die again….

But beyond such hypothetical considerations it is certain that the young Pascal, at the time when he wrote the Preface to the Treatise on Vacuum, did not think of his contemporaries as pygmies. There is no link between these individual entities and, therefore, no comparison is actually possible.

Feb 13, Emre Ergin rated it really liked it. For book covers to accompany reviews, please contact the publicity department. Something to talk about: The clash between the two modernities, renewed with increasing intensity over the last one hundred fqces fifty years or so, appears to have led to a near-exhaustion of both, at calniescu insofar as they function as intellectual myths.

Five Faces of Modernity | Duke University Press

Although its pursuit is not that of truth in a logical or scientific sense, the poet’s mind has to be as disciplined as that of a scientist. Pascal uses a series of elements taken from the original metaphor, the most striking one being the reference to the higher position and consequently to the more extended view of the moderns, but giants and dwarfs are left out.

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It could modenrity said that from the moderniry love of liberty a new tyranny has been born, the tyranny of animals, or zoocracy, which in its ferocious insensibility resembles the Moderniity. The concept of modernity—the notion that we, the living, are different and somehow superior to our predecessors and that our civilization is likely to be succeeded by one even superior to ours—is a relatively recent Western invention and one whose time may already have passed, if we believe its postmodern challengers.

The reader of today is nonetheless surprised to learn that the Quarrel between the Ancients and the Moderns actually began as early as the Middle Ages and that it involved ideas and attitudes that few people outside the circles of medieval scholars would care to look for in the “Dark Ages. Modernity as a notion would be utterly meaningless in a society that has no use for the temporal-sequential concept of history and organizes its time categories according to a mythical and recurrent model, like the one capinescu by Mircea 1 Eliade in his Myth of the Eternal Return.


In literary criticism we are constantly using terms which we cannot define, and defining other things by them.

Five faces of modernity: modernism, avant-garde, decadence, kitsch, postmodernism

What makes Perrault and his followers no less neoclassic than their enemies, beyond the questions at issue, is their common belief in a transcendent and unique model of beauty. So we could say that Perrault and his party were fighting the ancients with aesthetic arguments borrowed from those who had imposed the cult of antiquity. Calinescu documents the rise of cultural modernity and, in tracing the shifting senses of the five terms under scrutiny, illustrates the intricate value judgments, conflicting orientations, and intellectual paradoxes to which it has given rise.

As a result, the term “philistine,” negative and insulting as it was, acquired a definite social meaning, moderbity in Germany, then in all Western cultures.

FIVE FACES OF MODERNITY Modernism Avant-Garde Decadence Kitsch | Veria Wang –

For whereas every Branch of Knowledge has received such wonderful Acquirements since his Age, especially within the last three Years or there- abouts; it is almost impossible, he could be so perfect in Modern Discoveries as his Advocates pretend. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Calunescu rated it really liked it Oct 14, It is important to stress that for Baudelaire “modernity” is not a “reality” to be copied by the artist but, ultimately, a work of his imagination by which he penetrates beyond the banality of observable appearances into a world of “correspondences,” where ephemerality and eternity are one.

The moderns were supposed to imitate the ancients, then to emulate them, until some of the moderns proclaimed themselves superior to the ancients.

When referring to the contemporary situation, Stendhal speaks of the writer as a fighter rather than a pleaser: In typically neoclassical fashion, the concept of perfection itself was never questioned. The defenders of classical tradition were thus able to suggest that faes attitude of the moderns was biased, that their claim of being superior to the ancients contained an element of dubious and finally disqualifying partisanship.

Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Here again etymology is revealing.

Historically, Baudelaire, one of the first artists to oppose aesthetic modernity not only to tradition but also to the practical modernity of bourgeois civilization, illustrates the intriguing moment when the old notion of universal beauty had shrunk enough to reach a delicate equilibrium with its modern counterconcept, the beauty of transitoriness. Here again Petrarch’s case offers a good illustration. Baudelaire’s aesthetic seems caught up in a major contradiction.


It was only later that the meaning of the term was narrowed down to designate primarily the literary and artistic schools that reacted against the neoclassical system of values during the first decades of the nineteenth century.

The broader fivw of modern Christianity as a religion of despair and existential crisis will be treated in another chapter. On the one hand, the xalinescu corporation wants an individual to work moderrnity, pursue a career, accept delayed gratification — to be, in the crudest sense, an off man.

Sign up for new title announcements and special offers. Romanticism is, in Baudelaire’s view, not only the “most recent, the most contemporary form of the beautiful,” but also — and this point deserves to be stressed — it is substantially different from everything that has been done in the past. The argument of reason. There is indeed a conflict between modernity and history, but this conflict itself has a history. It was much less difficult to perceive this common element from a foreign perspective, and this was exactly what the modernistas succeeded in doing.

With regard to the first, bourgeois idea of modernity, we may say that it has by and large continued the outstanding traditions of earlier periods in the history of the modern idea.

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Five Faces of Modernity: Modernism, Avant-garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism

In the Preface to Instauratio Magna: Five faces of modernity: For him, the moderni were still men of the Dark Ages, but with an important difference: Sign-in or register now to continue. But the word ‘modernus’ was not yet available.

This thinking was illustrated by the recurrence of such major themes and motifs as memento mori, fortuna labilis the instability of fatethe ultimate vanity of all things, and the destructiveness of time. Unfortunately, the modern utopist cannot afford to follow Lessing, who in his famous apologue imagined himself choosing, at God’s invitation, between all Truth and just the active search for Truth with the modernify of never finding it.

Five faces of modernity. So, the relevance of the artist’s intuitions daces to be confirmed by the future.