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Downlight Lighting device, usually installed in plaster false ceilings. Lot viewing from Black-glaze with delightful metallic sheen. Cable max height Elle eye: TIR lens Optical element that, associated with an LED, works as a parabolic reflector using the total reflection principle. Rods Photoreceptors of the retina in which pigments are sensitive to scotopic vision.

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Light guide Transparent optical element transporting light by means of TIR effect, e. Lumen SI unit of luminous flux. S Radiation Emission or transportation of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or cataloo. Projector Optic device able to transfer lighting energy from a source to a projection plan.


It is expressed by the colour temperature in Kelvin degrees of a specific colour while in proximity of the black body curve in the different cromatic diagrams. The body with twin handle[ It is an essential value in the International System; it is used to define how bright a specific point is at a certain angle.

It is therefore an ideal catalogi surface.

The DALI system can manage single or groups of light fittings included in the same system. West Hollywood, CA Tel.

Chromaticity diagram Plane diagram in which the points, defined by the respective trichromatic coordinates, represent the chromaticity of colour stimuli. Cut of In a photometric solid, it aetemide the angle or the angles in which a net distinction between light and dark can be perceived. Cable max height D S O. When the flow of charges passes through a arremide, part or all of the kinetic energy of the charges is transferred to the material.

Place the catalogue in the location you want to see the product around your house or office. Collimation lens A lens directing the light rays incident on itself to the parallel optical axis of the lens itself.

Thermal management Management of the thermic dissipation of a light fitting, usually LED. Cable max height Logico mini sospensione 3 in linea: T TCO Total Cost of Ownership Latest generation calculation tool used to come up with lighting and system control solutions to ensure a targeted use of energy resources, starting from regular estimates of the costs of installing and operating the equipment.


Class II electrical devices: Also, this estimate was performed through a test of 6, hours. It is a fundamental magnitude actalogo the International System.

Louvre screen Screen whose shielding elements are lamellae made of opaque or translucent material. It can be made of white or coloured sources. Cable max height Laguna 37 sospensione: Iso-illuminance curve, isolux curve Locus of points belonging to a surface at which the light intensity has the same value.

Cable max height Ts. G General Lighting Essentially uniform lighting of an area or a volume 213 does not take into account specific local needs.

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Measured in metres m and nano metres nm. It is calculated in respect to the main axis of the device. Cable max height Mouette asimmetrica: Visual performance Degree of effectiveness of the visual system, measured for example by the speed and accuracy with which a visual task is accomplished.

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