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However, the draft law has not yet been adopted by parliament. At the centre of the flag, against a green and red background, is an armillary sphere over which lies the Portuguese shield, surrounded by seven castles, representing battles in the history of Portugal.

This is the case for GNI data at national level, and for regional data on unemployment, employment rate, early leavers from education and training, and the educational level of the population aged Europe indicators. Does the Commission have information on whether citizens of other Member States are resident in districts of Castilla-La Mancha where PAC night services have been closed?

The Government of the autonomous region of Castilla-La Mancha, in Spain, has begun the year by continuing with its austerity policy, which is proving disastrous for the local economy. Have there been any problems concerning overlaps and shared competence and how were these dealt with?

The Commission confirms that in an infringement procedure was launched against the Czech Republic on account of its applying a reduced VAT rate to infants’ diapers. Commission strategies for better management of urban waste water treatment. Researchers from Aalborg University have also investigated different mobile phone antennae — including those of popular smartphones. In die brief wordt deze verhoging in verband gebracht met de verlaging van de leges voor gezinshereniging en de verwachting uitgesproken dat de nieuwe legestarieven medio januari van kracht zullen worden.

A significant number of the measures are said to be effectively dormant and unused, while others have been overtaken and subsumed into subsequent agreements.

Impermeabilizantes Fester Toluca

The operation is composed of fixed and variable disbursements, related to the achievement of specific targets in the areas of public financial management, health proudctos social housing. Does the Council agree? Likewise individual return procedures are managed at national level and national authorities are obliged to check that all relevant requirements provided for in EU legislation, including respect of the principle of non-refoulement, are fulfilled.


Despite the obligation under Community law to provide the public with guarantees of access to information and given, in particular, the impact that development of a project of this nature will have on many sectors, the lack of information about legal reforms of all kinds carried out by the Autonomous Proudctos of Madrid is quite flagrant. Criteria for including sui generis rights of database makers in list of intellectual property rights. The Commission follows a rigorous methodology to select the appropriate software configuration in terms of fitness-for-purpose and Total Cost of Ownership TCOwhile ensuring sound financial catalogp and complying with the public procurement rules.

Valutazione dell’affidamento condiviso a livello europeo. Should that be the case, the Commission, as guardian of the treaties, will take the necessary measures to correct the problem. Promotion and expansion of European Heritage Days.

The list of ECCs can be founded at http: Come si spiega la Commissione che il medesimo problema venga affrontato dal sistema americano in modo diametralmente opposto rispetto a quello europeo?

Todos los Productos

The Court of Justice of the European Union states that this type of indirect discrimination exists where a national measure, albeit formulated in neutral terms, works to the disadvantage of far more women than men. De Commissie heeft in november besloten dat er onvoldoende vooruitgang is geboekt bij de uitvoering van het tweede strategisch programma voor armoedebestrijding PRSP en dat Guyana om die reden niet langer voldeed aan de subsidiabiliteitscriteria op het gebied van nationaal ontwikkelingsbeleid.

Son Reus incineration plant on the island of Majorca Spain. Given that preparations for the International Year of Family Farming must begin well in advance, can the Commission state:. Could the Commission specify the actual amount of payment requests received but not paid in and provide a detailed breakdown of these requests per policy area and per fund?

Information and consultation for workers in the event of restructuring. Until the environmental impact statement and administrative approval are available, the documentation will not be made public for complaints to be submitted by organisations and individuals.


As to the situation in other Member States in general, the Commission is now looking into this cester and will decide whether or not further action is necessary at this stage. What risks does this draft law on strategic investments pose with regard to environmental impact assessments?

Todos Los Productos

Nevertheless, the Commission closely monitors the development of the milk market in EU. His work was marked by the development of applications that facilitated the production and circulation of information online, including RSS, Reddit, Markdown.

La estrategia propuesta indica claramente el compromiso de la UE con un ciberespacio abierto y gratuito. In view of the absence of a project or any indication that the Spanish authorities would not correctly apply the relevant EU legislation, should authorisation for any such project be sought, the Commission considers that this case does not warrant, at present, a request of information from the Spanish authorities.

The Commission is fully aware of the research results that have been published by researchers of the University of Southampton.

Het ouderdomspensioen op deze manier verminderen of niet toekennen impliceert geen regulering van het gebruik van eigendom noch een ontnemen van eigendom, indien er een juist evenwicht wordt gevonden tussen het algemeen proudctos van de gemeenschap en de verplichting om de grondrechten van het individu te respecteren.

Both initiatives are fully in line with the principle of promoting of renewable energy. The facts catalogl to by the Honourable Member do not contain sufficient indication that this is the case.

Beide initiatieven sluiten volledig aan bij het beginsel van het bevorderen van duurzame energie. Does this initiative receive EU funding? In future, might this system be able to support fishermen in the situation described? Catalofo light of this information, the Court confirmed the existence of indirect discrimination against Spanish women in the labour market, given that it is more difficult for them to complete the minimum period of contribution required to obtain a retirement pension.

The statutory retirement age in Belgium is