Cataphoresis painting is a process to increase corrosion resistance of exterior surface of the goods. It’s a electro coating process based on electrochemistry. Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby Appropriate anti-corrosive basic surface treatment for powder coating colors. Cataphoresis Treatment. (Cationic Electro Deposition of Paint / Electro Coating). The process of cataphoresis is a electtro deposition of paint in.

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cataphogesis This coating increases the anti-corrosive properties of the parts and is the standard for auto parts where a complete and optimal antirust protection is required. This feature makes that system different comparing with the other coating systems. Products are located in the sub-region of the vehicles with no visual contact and they are described as a safety piece. Can you tell us anything about this process – is it available in the U.

Can we paint a cataphoresized substrate a long time after the cataphoresis have been done, only after degreasing it? This matter gives direction to the responsibility that carries against the customers of Teknorot A.

E-coat is shorthand for electrophoretic coating. I got that cataphoresis is about suspended organic paint particles which will be electrically deposited on the cathode substrate. Chemicals used in surface pretreatment are supplied by the company Henkel. A closed chemical process to provide enviromentally friendly solution to cating. According to the type of powder, there is possible to achieve corrosion resistance of hours.

It is cataphoresi itself and an integrated working auxiliary plant that keeps chemical waste material under continuous control. Due to this reason, Teknorot A. The paint solids are a pigment and resin component.

If the parts can be kept clean it should be no problem, but whether “degreasing” is sufficient to clean dirty coatihg can be an open question. We are very proud of our quality and depth of range.

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Cataphoresis – KTL cyclic

No difference really; it’s just semantics. I wanted to know what is basic difference between Cataphoresis cataphogesis E – coating. We added your inquiry to a thread on the subject which might clear up some cataphorewis your questions. Try to contact the e-coat association. Waste gas is released to the atmosphere which was cleaned according to environmental factors in Teknorot A. I am not an expert in the following assertion, but it is my understanding that early electrodeposition was often done with anaphoretic paint, but cataphoretic is perceived today as generally superior and is far more common these days.

I am associated with a manufacturer of coatkng wire. By applying powder mechanically highly resistant coatings are achieved. Hello, Thanks a lot for all your answer.

Treatment of cataphoresis

One of the beauties of the process is that this converted and deposited paint is insulating, which directs the electricity to any uncoated area for a smooth, consistent finish with cwtaphoresis coverage.

It is disposed of by recycling it back to the treatment plant. In Pretreatment the parts are cleaned and phosphate coated. Cataphoresis coating consolidates and reinforces the quality of the product we offer our customers. Can it be due to the bath which should be electrically charged? A customer has asked us about KTL, or cataphoretic painting.

Teknorot is the first aftermarket manufacturer in Turkey to apply this process in house. Hanging tools are used in cataphoresis line, have no additional cleaning wastes because this tools are developed to provide to not stick the painting on themselves. Furthermore, I have seen that cataphoresis is a good primer.


It consist of painting tanks and UF tanks. Our company is one of the pioneer organizations in India for painting systems. We are in requirement of Black Cataphoresis process to be performed on our product that are Auto Parts. It is the resin that gives the final paint treatment the anti-corrosion protection.

Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby the painted product becomes a cathode in the direct current anolyte water solution of the epoxy paint and thus attracts the colour cations. I would like to know whether after Catophoretic treatment Liquid Finish Painting can be done OR whether only powder coating can be applied?

Cleaning and phosphating is essential in obtaining the cataporesis finish. Caoting work piece can be either cathodic in which case the coating may be called cataphoretic, cathodic electrodeposition, or CED or anodic in which case the process may be called anaphoretic.

Lakum KTL – Váš partner od návrhu, až po dodání finálního výrobku

Cataphoretic paint is a known process. June “Handbook of Electropainting Technology” by W. Epoxy, polyester, and probably other CED coatings are available.

CED coating with gold colored post dye; same part, different lighting Regular paints cannot be used because the process is not like electrostatic spraying, where the electricity is used only for attracting the paint; rather electrons coming from the cathode actually convert the paint ions to catapjoresis different material. I’ll offer you my book knowledge, but with hope that a reader with significant real-world experience will correct me: The oven cures the paint to ensure maximum performance.