Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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On the server side, Windows Server and newer is supported.

The author has a blog at http: In cfengine you have to place it on one line. Also note the registryvalue function which can be used ddocumentation read out value data from the registry and act upon it. I hope I didn’t complicate things further.

This will return to the prompt. For example see the copy action in this sample file. See the CFEngine reference manual for an updated list of supported data types.

CFEngine Documentation Archive

This will return to the command prompt. Notes on windows policiesPrevious: Sorry for the lame formating no tabsbut I’ve no clue about html formating and the help mentions just a few HTML tags, but not what the do. When we run cf-agent.


Agent bundles are only evaluated by cf-agentthe agent component of CFEngine. To solve this, we place escaped quotes around the executable. Posted by legooolas See how in the example I split the copy action into multiple lines? Several people have suggested I look at Puppet which is something I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

CFEngine Documentation – CFEngine Reference

Sorry for the error. CFEngine doesn’t like lines to be broken up like this. Note that only one body common control is allowed per agent activation. This makes it impossible for CFEngine to know where the executable ends and the parameters to it starts.

Additionally, Windows does not support that processes start themselves in in the background i. For example, services prone to security issues or errors can easily be given a disabled state.

CFEngine master Documentation – Home

Thus, the parts of promises containing these features will be ignored. I’m not affiliated with it in any way, I’ve just been impressed with it more than I was with cfengine: In the variable declaration, replace “cftesting” with your domain name:.


These promises are encapsulated under the databases: We will assume this general skeleton for the rest of this document, modifying the contents of the test bundle only. Posted by Steve Windows special variablesUp: Event logs are the Windows counterpart to syslog from Unix.

How do you remove packages with this script? If we assume the policy server’s IP address is ‘ Windows hard classesPrevious: On the plus side it is cleaner and has more flexability. Windows ACLs are a complex topic by itself, with support for more than ten different permission bits and inheritance. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The output should look like the documentatioj. It isn’t related to the article here, but I pointed it out as an example of a valid “copy” line.