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In the theoretical part, theories and models explaining the dynamics With all due respect: What a contrast to the almost daily squabbles between the Ssemco, line workers and managers that I witnessed at another automaker. Log In Sign Up. Maybe, I thoughtmaybe we cannot learn from pioneers like Semco or Toyota because the good example is not the point!

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7

For more, if you sysstem interested, please read this article of mine: The unknown can be scary. What are their strengths? I did not fully understand this myself for the first five years of my own TPS journey. September Niels, Great article!

But then, we flip this into from inside to outside. Managers may neither lack the courage to transform, nor are they likely to be all scared about the losing control, or the unknown.


Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

Reply Niels Pflaeging am This is without doubt the most difficult dass in the process of introducing TPS. On the one hand, the world of the pioneers really exists — like some continent of copious vegetation. Few people actually made the change. The puzzling truth is that, after all this time, the mistaken idea of Theory X thinking still firmly remains part of our belief systems. The list of recommendations contains tools and ysstem from the areas communication, project management, and software development to help practitioners initiate a sustainable software development process.

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

Thanks for your comment. Only one thing I would quibble with is blaming Fredrick Taylor for a lot of our ills.

This is the main function of the management team. Thanks for your feedback, Cecil! And then, systme to this as a target for other departments and the organization, as a whole?

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7 | Experimentelle… | Flickr

It is out there in the real world: In fact, I believe in System 1 thinking propagated by Daniel Kahneman, and based on that believe nobody really wants to do work — Theory X or Y, the lazy brain wants to do the least amount of work and get away with it!


At best managers may develop a sense for spotting and dealing with early warning signs in subordinates, peers, colleagues, superiors and maybe in itself. And the article here somewhat touches on that.

Hi, really liked the article. The Taozen system requires the pyramid to shstem inverted. So maybe or very likely this is what caused the failure you described.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I currently consult to Toyota — North America on aspects of work design. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Not just the trust we place in other people is key, but whether we trust them to be self-motivated, driven by the need for self-fulfillment, and capable of self-organizing within boundaries and team settings. Hans-Juergen Sturm am But it is the biggest trap in any change initiative. Many other authors and experts have done similar stuff.