43 dated to. DGS&D Manual, approved by Government of India, Department of Commerce and available on DGS&D website. The new Manual on Procurement of Goods has been extensively revised in keeping with . One Stop Government e-Marketplace (GeM) by DGS&D The Pharmaceuticals Purchase Policy4, is intended to ensure. The “Procurement Manual” provides the essential information and brief .. DGS&D rate are optional and should be taken as referral case only, DGS&D.

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The Tenderers quoting for fully imported stores are required to submit the following Page 18 of 29 documents along with their tenders: Page 10 of In Model-4 either two modules of 37 Wp each or one module of 74 Wp canbe used.

If the date is compiled with, the amountwill be refunded to them. The following minimum details must beprovided in the Manual: Page 13 of Where Deficiency Report DR with regard to documents is to be given, all shortcomings shall be indicated and issued on-line to the applicant firm in one go and not in piecemeal, and provisional Registration Certificate can be generated. For this the tenderers may be required tosubmit copies of the Bills of Entry corresponding to the imported stores beingquoted.

Terms of Delivery are: Bidders are advised to ensure that they submit their bid within the due date and time of bid submission taking server clock as reference.

Government of India Directorate General of Supplies Servicetax at prevailing rate as applicable shall be chargeable as extra on the DepartmentalCharges.

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Page 20 of 29 In case no information about excise duty is given, it will be taken as inclusive in terms of provisions of Para – The voltage drop from module terminals to the battery terminals should notexceed 0.

The manufacturers can also provide additional information about thesystem and conditions of warranty as necessary. Budget Must Stimulate Growth In its pre-Budget recommendations, CII has stressed that to revive growth amnual, new avenues must be devised dhsnd augment investment. General Technical requirement For TE: Theregistration time will be 30 days after receipt of application along-with requireddocuments and aforesaid registration fee. President signs it into law. No other mode of submission of Bids shall be accepted and such offers will be summarily ignored.

Government of India Directorate General of Supplies Pages 1 – 29 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The supplier shall also provide free training to the local custodians of installations for smooth and trouble-free operation of unit. The tenderers should furnish the details of their turn over and the Excise Duty paidby them in the last three financial yearsin the following formats: However,Rate Contract willbe given only when registration is granted.

The height of the pole should be manyal metres above the ground level, after groutingand final installation. In case the supplies are made in installments, theDepartmental charges plus Service tax can be paid by firm with CCA on pro-rata basisbased on the value of supplies made.

Government of India Directorate General of Supplies …

Minimum 4 metre pole mountedElectronics: All the item shall be as per MNRE specifications of and tenderer shallpossess satisfactory type test certificate issued by Manal EnergyCentre or any other approved testing centre of MNRE and same shall also befurnished to the concerned D QA at the time of registration and inspection. Provisional Receipt of stores by consignee are to be given on copy no.

  1N4007 SOD-123 PDF

The complete tender document consists of: The pole shall be 213 in one piece with uniformdiameter of 76 mm OD or swaged type with 76 mm OD in lower portion and 60 mmOD in upper portion or 76 mm OD throughout,made up of MS duly primered 2coats and painted in silver ash hammertone colour or as chosen by DDO. However, inexceptional cases, the same can be considered for suitable fgsnd on merits ofindividual case.

It may also result in developing strategies for a collective intervention with the appropriate authorities.

Name of the Manufacturer or Distinctive Logo. Service tax at prevailing rate as applicable shall be chargeable as manuak onthe Departmental Charges. Create your own flipbook.

Green Channel Policy for DGS&D Rate Contracts | Corporate Law Reporter

In case,they are exempted frompayment of sales tax,a copy of the Exemption Certificate issued by the appropriateauthority may be furnished. The PVmodule is placed at the top of the pole at an angle facing south so that it receivessolar radiation throughout the day, without any shadow falling on it.

Either two modules of minimum 37 Wp output each orone module of 74 Wp output should be used. Tenderers shall furnish complete details such as addresstelephone, fax, e- mail addresses etc. Quasi sine wave or sine wave typeAverage duty cycle: In case theperformance levels have been shown as 0 zero such items may be treated as new items. The Solar lantern issuitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting, covering a full range of degrees.

Details as per special terms and conditions.

Go to GeM Website.