One by one, Diana Lumbrera buried each of her six children, weeping and fainting as the tiny bodies were lowered into the ground, begging on. Between and Diana Lumbrera murdered seven children, all but one of them her own (Ages: 6 weeks, 2 ½ months, 5 ½ months, 3 years, 3 years. 57 Followers, Following, 67 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Diana Lumbrera (@dlumbrera).

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Garden City Police Department

Jose seemed well enough that afternoon, when Diana phoned her husband to tell him the infant was dying. Under the circumstances, no autopsy was required. Daughter Melissa was born inJoanna inand their first son, Jose Lionel, in The cause of death: Joanna Garza, age 3 months, lumbrer Nov. Garza denies that it ever happened.

But now, authorities say the children’s deaths were neither natural nor supernatural. She then pleaded no contest in Texas to killing an infant son and was given another life sentence.

A few weeks later, Texas Rangers flew Diana back to Palmer County, where she faced three counts of murder, with a possible death sentence under a new serial-murder statute. I just don’t believe she killed those children. Curiously, blood tests from his prior visit showed no evidence of septicemia, but the anomaly was dismissed as inexplicable.

On March 25,he was treated by physicians for an ear infection, with no fiana complications. Johnny Actkinson, who will prosecute Lumbrera in an upcoming trial.

Fifteen months later, Diana bore another son, named Daniel. Less than eight months later, on October 2, Diana walked into the Bovina emergency room with daughter Melissa in her arms. Friends and family cite witchcraft. Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it.


Lmbrera — Friends and relatives say Diana Lumbrera cried and often fainted with grief when each of her six children died before their fifth birthday. How can they just disregard that the kids could have died because of sickness? Unfortunately, while Diana was adept at bearing children, she had no luck at keeping them alive. InDiana pulled up stakes and moved to Garden City, Kansas.

Diana Lumbrera (@dlumbrera) • Instagram photos and videos

Melissa Garza, 3, died Oct. Jose Antonio Lumbrera, 4, died May 1, Now all the doors of question are open and the pain is rushing back in,” he said. State of Kansas v.

Jose Antonio Lumbrera, 4, died May 1, Over the next seven years, beginning with daughter Melinda inshe would bear three more children out of wedlock, each with a different father. All llumbrera under age 5. Johnny Actkinson, who will prosecute Lumbrera in an upcoming trial. Eva Vachel blamed the childs death on deliberate suffocation. In retrospect, authorities would say that this, like lukbrera other doctors visits through the years, had been deliberately staged to lay the groundwork for a subsequent diaana attack.

She would consistently rush each child already dead to the hospital, saying they had stopped breathing, and then blame medical staff for not resuscitating the child. Unfortunately, while Diana was adept at bearing children, she had no luck at keeping them alive. Melissa Garza, 3, died Oct. Lionel Garza, Lumbrera’s second husband and father of four of the dead children, says he was shocked by her conviction in Jose Antonio’s death.


A jury in Garden City, Kan. She has been convicted of killing one 4-year-old son; she faces charges that she killed three daughters, a son and the daughter of a cousin; authorities are investigating the death of another son.

InDiana pulled up stakes and moved to Garden City, Kansas. For 14 years, as Lumbrera’s children died one after another, law enforcement authorities in Texas suspected nothing. Prosecutors countered by noting that Eckert had never examined said organs, since they were removed during autopsy and never replaced in the corpse. She wasn’t the type of person that would get in trouble with a neighbor.

Convicted of murder after less than an hour of deliberation, Diana was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum of fifteen years before the possibility parole. Copyright Los Angeles Times.

Diana Lumbrera | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Resuscitation was successful, but doctors could find no apparent cause for the convulsions, and they sent Jose off to Lubbocks pediatric intensive care unit for observation. So the doctors look for another way to explain it. Kumbrera was already lumvrera when Diana carried him into a hospital emergency room on May 1, but this time her luck, like Jose, had run out.

The cause is listed as “heart failure due to increased taxation on a case of congenital heart disease. Her prophecy came true shortly after 6: Department of Psychology Radford University.