Expedition to Undermountain (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Adventure) [Eric L. Boyd, Ed Greenwood, Christopher Lindsay, Sean K. Expedition to Undermountain Excerpts. presents Undermountain as a grand adventuring area for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. However, you may use many other Dungeons & Dragons Expedition to Undermountain is a page super-adventure that revisits the.

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You are commenting using your Ho account. This realisation, that I want to play DnD, took quite expedihion bit of time to solidify. In the aforementioned Ultima game, there was even a wizard academy that took up residence in the lower levels of the dungeon to study the arcane mysteries found within and to be left alone. If Wizards does release a guide to Undermountain, I hope it also contains plenty of info on Waterdeep, Downshadow, and Skullport.

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June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Throw in tyranny and Pota also good, but more generic by design and LMOP you could spend years trying to get through all of it. Add a copy to your collection. We also get a suggestion for an overarching campaign that will incorporate the three adventures that form the structure of the encounter write-ups, designed for levels 1 to 5.

Expedition to Undermountain

More Information Edit History. I was always dubious about improvising in DnD. And the more I thought about roleplaying games the more I wanted to explore those worlds by myself.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. If you’re playing in Undermountain Adventures, all you need is the Player’s Handbook v. I somehow got the sense, that if I ran an Undermountain adventure — it would be OK to improvise.


Expedition to Undermountain – D&D Wiki

Meanwhile, I would prefer the creative guys at Wizards work on actual new story stuff. In your game, it can exist beneath any large city you want, long known in rumor and legend or newly discovered and waiting to be explored.

Do not post memes – Memes should not be posted unless used to contribute to a preexisting discussion. The encounters presented in this book are designed to take a party of player characters from 1st level to 9th or 10th level. Expedition to Undermountain Average Rating: Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Gargoyles carried, off the wizard while we were roping our way down Belkram’s Fall. Could be interesting, though frankly, Doomvault from Dead in Thay is more than enough dungeon for uundermountain.

Level Based Earn XP and level up. So it took me two paragraphs. In my group, I was the only one.

Expedition to Undermountain | RPG Item | RPGGeek

It provides the plots, power groups, and lore to enable a Dungeon Master DM to detail any corner of Undermountain, to create a vibrant long-term adventure setting — the ultimate dungeon crawl that feels realistic, exciting, and dangerous. But dragonmarks don’t work as they need to, warforged are not quite right, no kalashtar, etc. A mark of a lazy DM. Encounters are presented in the book, which are designed to take a party of player characters from 1st level to 10th level.

It is said that these halls hide treasure beyond imagining, but even if we found Halaster’s hoard in the next chamber, we are so hopelessly lost that I doubt I would live to spend a copper of it.

There were so many books before this. The answer to this questions, an much more, undermoyntain included in the character creations guidelines. I imagine this has been done to conserve space, and I think that it was the right call.


The missions and possibilities are endless. You can just take any adventure, replace “blue skies” with “stone ceiling”, shorten the travel time between places, and its exactly the same.

Use clear, concise title names – Titles must be clear, concise, and not worded in a misleading fashion. Visit my version of Fareun, or Sigil, or even the Underdark.

But as I was weaving plots and conspiracies between elder creatures of the night, my heart was yearning unvermountain explore a world of fantasy. I started worrying about not really knowing anything about Undermountain. I know previously Undermountain was just one big dungeon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Be civil to one another – Unacceptable behavior includes name calling, taunting, baiting, flaming, etc.

Character creation is fast and easy. Undermountain stirs beneath a large city in your campaign world. I imagine this name means many different things to many different players.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Skill Based buy or gain ro. Just get the book and check it out for yourself. No Web Links Found. It might even be you. Submit a new text post. I’ll probably steal half that chapter outright, as it’s very well written.