E5CK Process Controller All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The following tables show the correspondence between the E5CK display. Board in addition to the E5CK-AA Process Controller. For E5AK or . Manual output, heating/cooling control, SP limiter, loop burnout alarm, SP ramp, MV. off on Disables A Auto / Manual key. 3. MANUAL manu. SET MV FOR MANUAL OPERATION. – – %. *1 Set output % manually (open loop control).

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The precautions indicated below describe important information regarding safety. Page 2 3 Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual.

For details amnual output assignments, see 3. These modes are selected with control still continuing. Function Setting Range Unit Read this chapter while referring to the parameter descrip- tions in chapter 5.

However, note that these parameters cannot be set when d5ck multi-SP function is not selected. Parameters are factory-set to heating control. Input Shift Upper Limit Level 2 Mode Input shift upper limit Conditions of Use The input type must be set to temperature input thermocouple or platinum resis- Input shift lower limit tance thermometer.


Pay Attention to the Following when Installing this Controller F If you remove the controller from its case, never touch nor apply shock to the electronic parts inside. Control output 1 Control output 2 Auxiliary output 1 Transfer output E5xk using control output 1 and 2, set the output unit sold separately.

Function Setting Range Unit Default 0. However, note that the power supplies for blocks C exclude relay output and D are shared for the following option unit.


Command Instruction Code Command No. If the transfer output function is not sup- thermocouple 2 ported, skips steps 7 to r5ck When the process value display is flashing, the process value is not saved as data even if the key is pressed. Specifies either of the following current SP at the start of program operation: When changing the manipulated variable, change it using the keys.

Before changing parameters in this mode, first make sure that protecting the keys will not cause any problems in operation.

E5CK controller are matching, and are within the permissible ranges. SP of steps 0 and 3 Time B: LBA detection w5ck 0 to MV at reset This example describes how to calibrate a thermocouple when the transfer output function is supported. Controllers must not be closely mounted vertically or horizontally.


Omron E5CK User Manual

Function Setting Range Manyal Default 0 to This section describes how to set the communications specifications for the E5CK T controller. Calibrating Platinum Resistance Thermometers 7.

Make sure that the stop bit, data length, parity and baud rate of the host computer and the E5CK controller are matching. Inoperable or Invalid Functions Program Mode Ramp rate 0 Conditions of Use Within the number of steps only in the rate of rise programing. Specifications This section describes how to set the manula specifications of the E5CK controller. Use this chapter as a reference guide.

OMRON E5CK User Manual

Page of Go. Also, do not touch the input terminals Nos. About The Communications Function 1.

Step SPstep time, alarms nanual other parame ters that follow this parameter are set for the pattern that is set in this parameter.