This is an account of how an angry young man can cross the line that divides theoretical support for violence from a state of ‘killing rage’, in which the murder of . EAMON COLLINS, who met a violent death on a road at Newry, Co In the book Killing Rage, Mr Collins described in detail how he. Police at the scene of Eamon Collins’ murder Collins detailed his life in the IRA in the critically acclaimed book Killing Rage, which explained.

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Collins goes into detail about how he planned the murders and how he eventually became disillusioned with the IRA. As the narrative follows him through different periods, I really liked how clearly he puts us in his head.

We need to learn the why of how people th Killing Rage is a window into the thinking of one person involved in the IRA.

View this document on Scribd. Collins spoke in court about Murphy’s role as the IRA’s chief of staff and key fundraiser, who earned millions for the Provisionals through smuggling fuel, livestock, illicit alcohol and the control of counterfeit rahe in the border region.

Murphy lost his libel case against the Sunday Times. Their Justice and Ours.

He would later write that dage of his Ulster background he felt closer culturally to Scottish people than people from the Irish Republic. I got through this eventually. So even though he becomes a terrorist, you sympathize with him In January he was waylaid on a public road and murdered near his home in Newry in Northern Ireland.

When the Australian TV personality Steve Irwin died, having been stung by a stingray, it was very sad. The Broken Elbow January 7, at 3: His mem Here’s how the life of most violent political terrorist lives go.

In he appeared in an ITV television documentary entitled ‘Confession’, [16] giving an account of his disillusioning experiences and a bleak insight raeg Irish paramilitarism. Col,ins how your comment data is processed.


If ever you wondered whether the supposedly noble political aspirations of the IRA were really an excuse for institutionalised thuggery, then this book will confirm your worst suspicions.

Killing Rage

Over people have died in Northern Ireland sinceand most of them have died at the hands of their neighbours. Threats were made against his children, and they faced persecution in school from elements among their peers. I feel that he did not really feel remorseful for all the people he helped murder. When I was younger I became extremely rebellious. He committed suicide not long ago. It says it all. Really interesting book, but not for those faint of heart. Rumoured reasons behind the murder were that he had returned to Ulster in breach of the IRA’s banning order, and further he had detailed IRA activities and publicly criticized in the media a multiplicity of Irish terrorist paramilitary splinter groups that had appeared after the IRA’s ceasefire, kiling that he had testified in court against Murphy.

I don’t take a side myself, but in doing kil,ing lot of reading about it lately, I have noticed it’s very rare for a Republican to do this. Graffiti threatening him with murder was also daubed on the walls of the streets in the vicinity of the family home in Newry.

Peter Taylor, a British journalist who covered the Collns for decades, noticed this too. After a traditional Irish wakewith a closed coffin necessitated due to the damage to his face, [25] and a funeral service at St.

Jan 27, – Eamon Collins, 45, was beaten and stabbed beyond recognition on a country road just outside Newry a short distance from his home in a suspected revenge attack for turning supergrass.

‘Killing Rage’ – A Missing Chapter From The Story Of Eamon Collins’ Life In The IRA

More British than Irish. As a result of losing his previous legal status as a Crown protected witness, Collins was charged with several counts of murder and attempted murder. But not that surprising. Open Dage See a Problem?


Not to be confused with the Irish footballer Eamonn Collins. And maybe, not even all that sad. Collins’ situation – not so much. Around this time Collins had a confrontation with Gerry Adams at the funeral of an IRA man killed in a failed bombing over how to deal with the funeral’s policing, where Collins accused Adams a being a “Stick” killing derogatory slang term among IRA supporters for activists among it who were considered lacking sincerity in their commitment to its cause.

It’s really too bad but maybe not surprising that he was murdered by his own side for it. A Sort of Republican. Having returned to live in Newry, rather than maintaining a low profile Collins decided to take a prominent role in the ongoing transition of Ulster’s post-war society, using his personal history as a platform in the media to analyze the adverse effects of terrorism.

Killing Rage by Eamon Collins

Collins apparently had a death wish. The book is brilliant – well-written, gripping, insightful. Apr 24, Chris rated it it was amazing. H Coollins all did he name in the book from newry? Ivan Toombs in Januarywith whom Collins worked in the Customs Station at Warrenpointand possibly three times that number. I liked hearing the real account of someone’s experience in the IRA and what all that entailed philosophically in addition to the duties.

This rahe the autobiography of Eamon Collins, a former I.

It’s not about rags the army could jam detonator frequencies. Disgusting, yet interesting inside in the disturbing antics of the IRA and the troubles as a whole.

Such criticism from someone so deeply embedded in the organisation is priceless.