Edward Marlo – The Cardician – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. The Cardician [Edward Marlo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detailed instructions on how to do many card tricks. If you like the Marlo vid, I strongly suggest you get his book “The Cardician.” It has a lot of gems in it. Also, as far as learning sleights and tricks.

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Both volumes of M.

I think i now Know what I want to pick up now when I have a chance too. A lot of the tricks will require table, so get used to it. Note that Marlo doesn’t explain the routines very thoroughly. This program was originally released in and was the first video footage of Marlo to be made available. Again, requires a table, a solid tenkai, and the right angles. Marlo is a good teacher on the videos. Find Out how to pay. To learn sleights and good card tricks. Out of any magician around, he probably has the most stuff in print.

Also, as far as learning sleights and tricks, books are the best way to go not videos.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Review: The Cardician DVD by Ed Marlo

Not bad for something that was shot like 20 years ago. This is a great little effect.


I don’t know it. I use this all the time, especially for a card to pocket routine. I’m not sure where you can find out about Jack’s magic life, but if you go to Glenn Bishop’s website, there are a few videos of Jack himself performing.

An in the hands method of nullifying a cut. Do you want wd respond to cardifian review? It’s good to see him perform at an incredibly high standard even at the age he was when this was recorded.

The Cardician – Ed Marlo

Still worth it though just to watch him work. I would recommend any video of Marlo.

He performs it as a Blackjack flourish demonstration. We’re proud to have the cardidian Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Jim Molinari Jimmy ‘Cards’ Molinari www. Most of the stuff amrlo borrowed, shuffled packs, which is VERY nice to have. Have a question about this product? I don’t use it, but you might find it suitable in your routines.

It depends on where you are at with cards. Details on how to do Marlo’s technique for the second deal. The End by Rick. This requires some before handwork, but it’s still great. A technique for doing bottom deals without turning your wrist. The Cigar Bottom Deal: This is the best. Large Face Small Back: I use it all the time. I’m thinking to buy the video of both volumns, The Cardician, and the Legend. At age 68, Marlo is sitting at the table, executes second deals, passes, palms and routines all with absolute mastery.


The Cardician (Edward Marlo)

Will require practice, but mmarlo a great bottom deal. Mar 20, As far as books VS videos, I prefer books over videos anyday.

I mastered it in about 3 days. The performances, and interviews were very interesting, and amusing. There are gems in his books that are not on any of the vids, including the Wakeman vids and Prime Time Marlo which was a video of performance only that Racherbaumer put out. Feb 2, A three-phase routine where the four aces keep rising to the top of the deck after continuously marpo lost in the middle. I Like videos rather than reading but i do like the material in cardidian so will pick up a bit of both.

This is one of Marlo’s greatest accomplishments.

Hi Michael, Thanks for the in depth comprehensive review.

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