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Late in her life, she expressed hostility toward the gay rights movement, troubling some of her devoted fans.

Curtius’ history of Alexander presents Bagoas as a vindictive schemer mart revenges himself on a Persian noble named Orsines who failed to give him gifts by lying to Alexander about him, eventually succeeding in having him tried and executed.

There, according to Proud, they found a community of gay expatriates who had “escaped the repressive attitudes towards homosexuality in Britain for the comparatively liberal atmosphere of Durban According to Kevin Kopelson, professor of English at the University of Iowa, Renault “mischaracterize[s] pederastic relationships as renaultt. With astounding immediacy and extraordinary attention to military detail, Pressfield transports readers into the heat and terror of war.

Some of the history presented in her fiction and in her nonfiction work, The Pesra of Alexander has been called into question: New York Times Bestseller: How To Swap Books?

They attend the Olympics, partake in symposia, fight on the battlefields of the Peloponnesian War, and fall in love. Pressfield has created a cast of extraordinarily vivid characters, from the unforgettable Selene, whose surrender to the Greeks does nothing to tame her; to her lover, Damon, an Athenian warrior who grows to cherish the wild Amazon ways; to the narrator, Bones, a young girl from a noble family who was nursed by Selene from birth and secretly taught the Amazon way; to the great Theseus, the tragic king; and to Antiope, the noble queen who betrayed tal Kyrte for the love of Theseus.


Through their friendship, Renault opens a vista onto ancient Greek life, uncovering its vibrancy, culture, and political strife, and offers an unforgettable story of love, honor, loyalty, and the remarkable bond between two men. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x What’s New – Home – Login. She published her first novel, Purposes of Lovein ; it had a contemporary setting, like her other early novels, which novelist Linda Proud described as “a strange combination of Platonism and hospital romance”.

Le Feu Du Ciel Paperback.

Renault depicts the attachment as lasting until Alexander’s death, when Bagoas would have been about Plot introduction Edit Like much of Renault’s fiction, the book, published inprovides a sympathetic portrait of homosexual love. It would mart foster rumors that Renault was really a gay man writing under a female pseudonym.

The Persian Boy

Kind Are Her Answers Hardcover. Equally impressive is his creation of the Amazon nation, its people, its rituals and mxry, its greatness and savagery.

In a sense, The Charioteer Ironically, The Charioteer could not be published in the U. Renault argues that Bagoas must have earned the admiration and affection of the army by his courage and fortitude, and his help to others, during the desert crossing. InRenault was the subject of a BBC 4 documentary, and her books, many of which remain in print on both sides of the Mucgacho, are often sought after for radio and dramatic interpretation.

Inshe began training as a nurse at Oxford’s Radcliffe Infirmary.

Mary Renault

Both these books had male protagonists, as did all her later works that included homosexual themes; her sympathetic treatment of love between men would win Renault a wide gay readership. Other books in this series. The King Must Die: Renault found these rumors amusing, but also sought to distance herself from being labeled a “gay muchachk.


Defying centuries of admiration for Demosthenes as a great orator, Renault portrayed him as a cruel, corrupt and cowardly demagogue.

The claim by Curtius that Orsines did not plunder the royal tombs but that these sepulchres were devoid in the first place of rich offerings is an absurd one, as Renault points out, and totally unacceptable in the light of rfnault knowledge of Persian culture.

The Persian Boy – Wikidata

Though Renault appreciated her gay following and the income it providedshe was uncomfortable with the “gay pride” muxhacho that emerged in the s after the Stonewall riots. During her training, she met Julie Mullard, a fellow nurse with whom she established a life-long romantic relationship. The best of which is freedom. The Mask of Apollo: This edition contains an excerpt from Steven Pressfield’s The Profession.

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In myth, Theseus was the slayer of the child-devouring Minotaur in Crete. A Novel Mary Renault September 10, Mary and Julie found themselves able to set up home together in this new land without causing the outrage they had sometimes provoked at home.

Book ratings by Goodreads.

Renault, who accuses Curtius of “muddled sensationalism” in an author’s note, points to other sources muchscho suggest that Orxines as she calls him was in fact a “murderous” character, and portrays him in the novel as fully deserving his fate.

She does not pretend the past is like the present, or that the people of ancient Greece were just like us.