Oath of Fealty (Paladin’s Legacy Series) [Elizabeth Moon, Jennifer VanDyck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the original trilogy starring . For the first time in nearly twenty years, Elizabeth Moon returns to the thrilling realm of her superb Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy. Thanks to. In Oath of Fealty, book one of Paladin’s Legacy, two neighboring realms each get a new king–and both kings face personal danger and social unrest.

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Page numbering request 3 48 May 26, Baby and all, having a computer to write on saved me a lot of time in both writing and editing, almost enough to keep on at the same pace. But it would have been dishonest to make it easy. That being said, I wanted to keep going.

I am amazed by the consistency of the writing and the characters. They have one son, born in Maybe if I’d remembered them better, I would have liked it better, but as a stand-alone it’s not particularly great and it doesn’t make me want to go out and buy the rest of the series to read more books that feel like someone summarizing a book.

I LOVED how even though they believed in different Gods they still respected one another’s beliefs and worked together, in several instances even inviting the others to help with their own prayers and powers.

I wound up searching a number of second-hand bookshops to find Divided Allegiance and finally Oath of Gold, the second and third books about the life and deeds of Paksenarrion Dorthansdottor. Or, possibly more than that, but without playing a large part, at least here. Clarke Award, and won the Nebula in Apr 14, Mike the Paladin rated it it was amazing Shelves: He sends his old cohort, now headed by Jandelir Arcolin, on a contract back to Aarenis, Kieri’s previous area of campaigning, in order to raise funds and to reduce the strain on crops at home.

And bloody hell does Elizabeth Moon have a talent for describing horrors and coming up There is a twenty year gap between the last Paks book and this one. The general world building, and especially the Gods will make more sense if you finish the previous book.


When I started writing the Paks books I already had a couple of years of experience, and had learned more about the business of writing and publishing.

The Paks-ish moments came at the first, and again occasionally, including today when I did some ground work and longeing with her in the stable arena. I need it less now my mind can play music though not as well. Nov 07, Althea Ann rated it really liked it. Thanks to all of you—and all my other readers—who kept it in print and made celebration of its 30th birthday possible.

This story is a bit different than Paks, as it follows several principal characters, and therefore is more clearly split into segments. Originally reviewed May And now Lyonya–which he has not perceived as a threat before–has as its new king the duke who had fought and defeated Pargunese troops in Tsaia. It does spin off the fourth arc of the book, featuring Dorrin and the Verrakai family that has been a source of villains. Overall, there’s four different plot threads, with limited mobility between them, and Oath of Fealty swings through the set of them two or three times.

And a former mercenary captain inherits the entire company.

The Paksenarrion World Chronicles

Oh wow–I am not disappointed at all! Moon’s introduction specifies that she considers these to be independent of the previous trilogy, and that a reader can start here.

Now Moon returns to this thrilling realm for the first time in nearly twenty years.

I had been writing, and […] [ There’s a lot to enjoy in this book: Thanks for telling us about the problem. The difference between her writing now and when she wrote the original Paks trilogy is huge, and Oath of Fealty is far more multi-layered and less Dungeons and Dragons-y than the first three Paks books. It ends with a real bang. You can I did write a book a year while caring for and home-schooling an autistic kid. Paks is in this one so gla Years ago, yet another book obviously inspired by Tolkien appeared, but instead of some young guy carrying a magic dingus somewhere in order to become king, the point of view was a sheepfarmer’s daughter who wanted to be an ordinary foot soldier.


Kieri Phelan is the new-found King of Lyonia-one thread of the book is about his early days at his new court and his coronation. When we get to Kieri’s coronation and he has to do a ceremonial fealtyy around the town and we have to go with him It really never kept my interest.

Oath of Fealty

It was relatively simple town of maybecover local news but not local politics, we have a reporter assigned to that.

Both my first degree history, mostly ancient and medieval an interest that predated college and continued after it, and my interest in and experience with, the military. While I don’t like this these as I’m halfway through Kings of the North nearly as well as elzabeth trilogy, I do find them well done and satisfying.

Ellizabeth went back to Baen, pointing out that his writer was a Marine veteran, oof the dismissive rejection without reading was an insult. Heck, I made it all the way through The Magic Mountain. I just really enjoyed the experience of following the characters as they figured out their new roles and set things I really enjoyed every moment of reading this book.

Legend of Paksenarrion, Book 1 Author s: I now know this isn’t a trilogy as I finished the third book and it ends in a cliff hanger type ending I started out writing in long solitary stretches, but learned, when we adopted an infant, to write long books in short even five minute bursts, holding a paragraph in my head while changing a diaper or feeding or cuddling the baby, then—the moment he was down for a nap—running in to write as fast as I could.