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Download the free Slacker Radio app and eels as long as you like. Aryan origin theories often inter- pellated indigenous peoples as settlers in the same vein as British colo- nists, destabilizing native land and resource claims against the white colo- nial state. Theoretically, one should be able to speak in terms of local indigenous movements alongside global economic shifts, as this chapter intends to do.

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As Patrick Kirch points out: Yet in the past few decades the resurgence of indigenous inter-island voyaging has offered an originary regional genealogy for Oceania as well as a naturalized precursor to late twentieth-century diaspora practice. As a demonstration of the power of their maritime vessels, the forty-six atmo- spheric explosions conducted from to were primarily orches- trated and launched from French naval ships and barges.

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The ethnic contours of this native-diaspora intractability are nicely sum- marized by Hawaiian scholar and poet Haunani-Kay Trask: As subjects who retain dual citizenship, Cook Islanders may be considered as some of the original migrants to Aotearoa as well as active participants in contemporary transoceanic globalization.


As I explained in the introduction, Froude renders white diaspora as history through the metaphor of the body as vessel.

Simon Gikandi has suggested that academic discourses of globaliza- tion displace economic considerations by adopting the cultural grammar of postcolonial studies. The discourse of insu- lar islands, e,s by many anthropologists, not only helped to validate nuclear testing in the region but in some cases suppressed its dangerous effects.

Although salt water is one of the densest liquids on earth, its narrative history makes it heavier.

Like maritime novels in general, the homosocial decks of the voyaging canoe maintain a precarious hold on their heterosexuality by gendering the ship as an accessible female body. The lynchpin to use a nautical term of this debate hinged on divergent interpretations of the purpose of this vessel and its genealogical relation to the broader region.

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Your browser is not supported by the Slacker Radio web site. At the start of The Crocodile, the protagonist Hoiri resides in a rural village where the laka- toi double-hulled outrigger is presented as a unifying material object.

This positions an alternative mapping of colonial relations that includes Palestine and suggests that models of diffusionism may contribute to the rendering of a Christian Hawaiki and generate paalagi new trajectory of pilgrimage.

It is not that women do not voyage on the vaka, they occasionally do, but Davis neglects to depict them textually, preferring to inscribe a homosocial community of seafarers. This explains why Rangi never encounters Melanesian women in his many years in Fiji.

A second and related spatial contortion can be seen in the trope of the isolated island laboratory, which I explain was constituted by an alliance between the U. The racial language in which these narratives interpellate degrees of authentic Hawaiianess draws from a colonial grammar that J.


Like Davis and Buck, Sullivan also inscribes Hawaiki as an elusive origin and destiny and imagines the region in terms of expanding kinship relations.

For example, in only the last six months of the war, the U. This is upheld in another oral tradition in which the well-known Tahitian voyaging hero, Iro Hiromurders his wife underneath his docked canoe papalag buries her under its wood shavings. You can reduce these interruptions by creating a free Slacker account. Like his South Seas narrative forefathers, Heyerdahl positions himself as the originary contact with the pure Polynesian exotic, even when his narrative is derivative of centuries of European mythmaking of the region.

No, there’s nothing wrong with your ears. To pursue the trace papaagi mobile women subjects, we must examine how they are transformed pxpalagi transported into feminized objects of desire.

Els Papalagi (Els homes blancs) / Erich Scheurmann – Llibreria t├Ęcnica

Login or Create Account Keep Listening. We are more water than blood. Please download the Slacker Radio app to complete the upgrade process. This island isolation theory could be sustained only by denying the agency of indigenous lapalagi technology that connected the islands for millen- nia before the arrival of Europeans. This inquiry helps us to understand a vital component of imagining Oceania: Howe explains that since papslagi contact: Through the metaphor of blood vessels, white British bodies became naturalized as the empire that ruled the waves.

Vessels of the Pacific: