Enna Burning (The Books of Bayern Series) [Shannon Hale, Cynthia Bishop, Full Cast] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It’s been two. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 6–10—This companion novel (Bloomsbury, ) to Shannon Hale’s The Goose Girl (Bloomsbury, ) . Enna Burning, Shannon Hale’s second novel, was published in The second of The Books of Bayern, it focuses on the subsequent adventures of Princess.

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This was a great sequel to Goose Girl!!! In the end there are good lessons learned about love ebna friendship and finding a balance between different “forces” in one’s life, but much of the story is very dark.

Enna has gone back home. Her days are hard. I did not even finish the book because I skipped through the rest of the book and was rather disturbed by what I saw there. After almost being consumed by the fire, Enna, with whannon help of two loyal friends, manages to f I had to bump this one to the top of my TBR pile, as it enha the sequel to The Goose Girl. Trivia About Enna Burning The I really appreciate, for once, that the portrayal of a mysterious, alluring man who This was an excellent companion novel to Goose Girl, with an equally burnin and interesting heroine.

Leifer – Enna’s older brother who learns fire-speaking, and is later killed in battle using this skill.

Retrieved July 14, The Goose Girl was mostly a fairytale retelling; this book is a continuation of Bayern, but it does not revolve around a specific fairytale, and I think that enabled Shannon Hale to write with more artistic and creative freedom. The Full Cast Audio version does it justice, too, with good acting and good music composed for the book.


Originally reviewed here Angieville. But fire is insatiable. This was soooo good. shqnnon

This review has been hidden burninf it contains spoilers. I’m such a huge fan of The Goose Girlbut this? Apr 20, Tanja rated it really liked it.

Once again, the most dangerous language is shown burnint the beauty of fire and air is revealed. I liked the beginning and end couple of chapters the best.

Enna Burning

I liked it, but there was way too much repetition and focus on Enna’s desire to burn and fire’s powerful force. I really thought that was such an interesting premise, and one that has an obvious theme we readers can take away and apply to our own lives. Enna tells Razo burnlng Finn about her power and asks them to come with her on a series of raids to help keep burniny in check. She is joined by her old friends Finn and Razo as all three take on new sometimes uncomfortable roles in the name of defending their homes.

However, when she nearly burns a person, she realizes that she needs help and so she begins accompanying Finn and Razo on scouting missions in order to burn Tiran supplies. Also, the fire power was super cool, and I loved the way it worked. He is quiet hake gentle but is forced by war to fight to protect his friends and home with grim determination.

The ending is heartwarming and a breath of fresh air. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use ahle Privacy Policy.

And, when she is literally on the brink of losing control and burning herself up, Enna proves her mettle by forcing herself to harness the fire in order to help Isi. Apr 02, Tamora Pierce rated it really liked buning.


Enna Burning (Books of Bayern) Shannon Hale: Bloomsbury USA Childrens

View all snna comments. She believes that he loves her, and she falls in love with him herself. For some reason, I just love that description. That said, I should point out that if I were like her in a desire to stand out and be noticed, I might have identified with her more and liked the book better. She manages to make this story interesting even when it is being entirely predictable which butning happened a few times, and even then she convincingly created enough doubt that the predictable thing was about to happen that it Shannon Hale has yet to disappoint me.

In her recklessness she is captured by the Tiran army and held captive by a handsome, manipulative young captain who drugs her to keep her under his influence. I mean, most characters with flaws go through ups and downs that are interesting to read, but Enna is just in a tailspin towards doom the entire book, and it’s frustrating and a little boring to watch.

The fire has a life of its own, and it starts to feed off of Enna’s life reminds me shannkn much of The Ring!!!! Finn also joins Enna and Isi, hald for the two girls as they are tormented halw their elements.

It is on the other side of the mountains from Kildenree, where the first book in the ” Books of Bayern ” series began.

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