(a) in the case of the services of the Federation, posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation and. All Pakistan Service, by or under Act. July 4, by Admin 63 Comments ESTA Code is for federal civil servants and it is also known as Civil Establishment Code. There are. Annual Statistical Bulletin of Federal Government Employees (, Civil Servents , Estacode (Edition ) (New),

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A member of the Civil Service of Pakistan who has opted for the Fund shall cease to be entitled to the benefits under the Ordinance as soon as he ceases same in the case of death, to hold any post in connection with the affairs of the Province.

The decision of the Board is brought to your kind notice for information and compliance. Any amount of pension in excess of Rs. Applications for various grants out of Benevolent Fund are held back for months together by the lower staff and are forwarded to B.

Provincial Management Service Rules, Regulation of wages and conditions of service — 1 The Government may make rules regulating or empowering specified authorities to regulate the wages and other conditions of service of persons or of any class of persons engaged in any employment or class of employment to which this Act applies.

In case of a female child for the unexpired.

No Court—fee shall be payable for preferring an appeal to, or filing, exhibiting or recording any document with a Tribunal. The monthly grant estacodw such cases will be restored from the date of the receipt of application. Signature and name of the Head of Administrative Department with office seal. It is, therefore, imperative that the orders of the Tribunal must be implemented estaccode it is estacoxe considered a fit case for appeal to the Supreme Court. Explanation 1 ewtacode The fact that a person apprehends that by continuing in his employment he will be exposed to increase physical danger is not reasonable excuse within the meaning of clause b.

Deductions —— Contribution to the Fund shall be made—. Meeting of the Boards —— 1 Each Board 0213 to in Rule 7 shall meet for the transaction of business at least once in every three months and at such other times as its Chairman calls a meeting thereof. A Government servant seeking the benefits allowed under this circular letter shall apply to the audit officer who eetacode his PPO and, while doing so shall mention the number of his PPO and the name of the treasury at which he is drawing his pension.


In exercise of the powers conferred by sub—section 3 of Section 7 of the West Pakistan Essential Services Maintenance Act,the Governor of West Pakistan is pleased to empower estacose Superintendents of Police of all the Districts in West Pakistan except the Federal Capital and Special Areas to lodge complaints in writing in respect of the offences under the said Act committed within their respective jurisdiction.

Appeals to Tribunal — 1 Any civil servant aggrieved by any final order, whether original or appellate, made by a departmental authority in respect of any of the terms and conditions of his service may, within thirty days of the communication of such order to him or within six months of the establishment of the appropriate Tribunal, whichever is later prefer an appeal to the Tribunal.

Punjab Laws Online

First published, after having received the assent of the Governor of the Punjab, in the Gazette of the Punjab Extraordinary dated the 20 th June Explanation— The benefit admissible under this section will be in addition to the pensions, family pension or gratuities awarded under the rules regulating the conditions of service of Government servants.

Beldars, Malies and Chowkidars etc. Audit of the assets of and expenditure from the Fund will be conducted by such authority as may be prescribed. In such a case the monthly grant estqcode be sanctioned w.

I am to add that the existing rules and general orders on this subject 22013 be deemed to have been modified to the extent indicated above, and necessary amendments shall be notified in the rules in due course. Controlling Officer with office seal.

Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department

Nigeria has declared that it will increase her areas of collaboration with the International Bureau of Education to ensure national and regional development of the basic education sub-sector for the overall development of her eshacode. Inserted vide Notification No. Where the qualifying service is less than 30 years, but not less than 10 years, proportionate reduction at the rate of Rs.

Total deafness both ears. Amount esracode to last basic pay: However, in the cases of Monthly Grant, unmarried daughters of deceased Government servants above the age of 21 years shall be entitled to get financial benefit from the date of issuance of Notification although the death or retirement of the concerned Government servants might have occurred before the date of Notification.


In case of widower or retired Government servants the grant will be restricted to the un—expired period of 15 years for widows and would not be for life. When the wound, injury or illness causing the disability is not entered in the above Schedule, the disability shall be assessed by the medical board at the classification most closely corresponding to those given above.


In exercise of the powers conferred by sub—section 1 of Section 4 of the West Pakistan Essential Services Maintenance Act,the Governor of West Pakistan is pleased to authorize the District Magistrates of all the Districts in West Pakistan except the Federal Capital and the Special Areas to direct, by general or special order, any person or persons engaged in any employment or class of employment to which the said Act applies, not to depart out of such areas and for such period not exceeding 3 months as may be specified in esttacode order.

Punjab Pension Fund Rules BF Board may be empowered to grant relaxation for further one year in the limitation period beyond the original period of one year.

In case of female minor dependents, the marriage of the individual shall be construed as reaching the age of majority.

Failure to comply with the above instructions would be reflected in the Annual Confidential Report of officer concerned. NPS 16 to Dated the 12 th February Loss of hand and foot or loss of use of two more limbs. The following Act having received the assent of the Governor of West Pakistan on the 25 th April, and was published for general information estacodde the Gazette. Chris Ifeanyi Azubuogu returned his air tickets and estacodes to the Securities and Exchange ….