Title, Footsteps 2ʻ E.S.O. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington Books, ISBN, , Length, 39 pages. Export Citation. Title, Footsteps Burlington readers. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington books, ISBN, X, Length, 64 pages. Results 1 – 15 of 15 Footsteps by Betterton, Simon and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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When he finished the article, he thought about the robbery bank and the man of Mary’s house, what wanted the man?

Chapters Answers to Worksheet Worksheet 3: John finds an found address book. John returned to his house unhappy. He first rang the bell in her house and waited. I can get in said Anna. Put the sentences from the story in the correct order. The headmaster didn t know John s name. Match the sentences with the pictures. He thought, why there is another man in his office with the same uniform as me? Mary ran away with Anna very scared.

Footsteps. by Simon Betterton

Security guards have to wear a uniform. She looked up and down the street but when she saw John, she closed the door immediately. The, in the living room, he found some photos. Anna mentions two cases that she saw in the space.


Then one day, John footateps to write a book. They help to activate the students background knowledge, expectations and ability to predict. Draw a map from your school to your house and describe how to get there. I asked Mr Clarke about footstsps, and then I lost my job. Tony, we have to leave. Look at the picture on the front cover of the reader. Try to use some English words in your poster.

Burlington Books Online

The first number was engaged beep, beep, beep and the second number was Mary’s cousin. Chapter 10 Anna woke up and heard happy voices. He sometimes there isn’t a new book, then John knows that Mary is working late at school and that he’ll see her. Anna wanted to talk to John. They walked along the corridors but their feet didn’t make any sound. Mary lends John books and he lends her books. Then one day, John decided to write a book.

Anna is the student who s looking at John. In pairs, make a list of the different places that security guards work fooysteps from in a school. He and Mary started to exchange books again.

Footsteps. by Simon Betterton – PDF

But I don’t understand why did you lose your job? Describe the man and what he s doing. When he finishes one book, he returns it to Mary for the next evening, when he comes to work, there’s a new book for him on the table.


Have a nice day with your students. For example, Put the book in the bag. Write a paragraph to explain your reasons.

John walked to Mary s mother s house.

Footsteps; Simon Betterton

She wasn’t at school. They walked along the corridors but their feet didn’t make any sound.

When Mary works late, there is no book on the table. Chapter 2 John’s favourite part of his job is when behterton finishes in the morning. He said I know nothing. He opened the Mary’s address book and turns the pages, he thought that she had many friends. A teacher opened the cases.

Ask the questions and elicit the answers from the whole class. She wasn’t happy now, she was serious and cold. Somebody started to open the door and John didn’t know what to do. Match each sion from exercise C with one of the pictures below. John thinks about the problem. John looked at Mary and he said: Mary ran away with Anna very scared.

He and Mary started to exchange books again. A teacher was opened the cases.