Lauren Burd is a wife and mother of two, a boy age 9 and a girl age 4. Immortal is the first book of the series, and she is currently working hard on the followup. Forever [Lauren Burd, Lynn O’Dell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “What are we playing for?” An evil grin spread over his face. “I am so. Alina believed becoming an Immortal would protect those she loved but how can she Forever. By Lauren Burd. Published by Lauren Burd at Smashwords.

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Spoilers ahead, don’t continue if you want to read it. After going with Duncan for a while but still pining for Samuel she finds out that they are vampires an Frankly, this book sucked.

Immortal Series

Characters that I never thought I would like in the first book, I turned out to adore in this 2nd book. Let her know that clearly he’s up to something.

Funny how many will complain about a book starting out too slow, and here I am saying this one started out too rushed. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a great book. Lauren Burd should have spent more time developing the relationship between Allina, Samual, and Duncan instead of writing boring dialogue and useless obser Ugh.

Break Away Away, Book 1. Hm, I think we all need group therapy to get over mentioning Twilight when a YA protagonist resembles let’s face it most average teenagers in the world and therefore Bella. As far as the story goes, this one pretty much takes up right where the first one left off. The author gave the audience more Alina and Samuel alone time so we feel better about shipping the two, but honestly, I am still team Duncan in this book.

Was okay nothing great … Show more Show less. Item s unavailable for purchase. Anyway I wouldn’t recommend this book. And the pace at the beginning really irked me.


Immortal (Immortal, #1) by Lauren Burd

You’ve successfully reported this review. We have these handsome guys, they have that certain something, a charisma that attracts, and Alina, our young heroine is a pale, brooding girl who somehow seems to be extremely attractive to them, more so then any other.

I could not care less if she ended up with Samuel or Duncan. Moon-Wake Lone March 6. I really like the characters and the basic story, but in this book I just couldn’t see how Vorever, Samuel and Duncan would all just forgive Lucina and Thanos like nothing ever happened.

I seriously considered putting it down to stop the reading, it was making me laugh so hard.

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As with most YA fiction, the parental figures tend to be fairly insignificant, but it was almost as if the mother was mentioned just for the purpose of explaining why there were no parents around to interfere with the story. It was altogether a cringy read.

I felt that much of it was very unoriginal. I liked Book 1 and 2 for different reasons – 1 was more for the drama between the love triangle and mysteries, while 2 was more for the action and twists.

And I was irritated that Samuel kept his distance. Jan 06, Misty Baker rated it really liked it.

Smashwords – Forever – A book by Lauren Burd – page 1

The story either skipped big parts leaving you confused or it dragged on and left you begging for it to end! Alina is not a lucky girl. As Duncan sees her interest shift directly to Samuel he takes a risk and reveals his true nature to her. I mean, it’s ridiculous how alike they are! For most of the book we see Alina and Duncan interacting. Even though I know it’s because they’re on the run, I felt the storyline was a bit rushed, and I thought Burd just skimmed the surface of the action before jumping to the next chapter.

On her flight in she sits next to a very hot very mysterious young man. She studiously looks away but sees all the other girls watching. After, Alina gets news that her mother had been attacked by Thanos?


I read on the authors profile page she seems to have a writers block. But hey, better late than never, right? This book really took me for a ride.

This part of the story was all over the place. This book felt like a bad rip-off of Twilight and Vampire Diaries. The characters needed to be more defined, and events did not flow appropriately, often leaving big holes and blanks What to say However… out of the 5 different books I gave away there was one that I had never read. Lists with This Book.

There must be more ways to describe a person’s breath tha This book was plain not good. Get the details straight! The title should be at least 4 characters long. This book is even better than the first one.

I didn’t relate to Alina at all, and I felt like everyone was an extreme example of a stereotype, and I wanted to love a few of the characters, but we really didn’t get to know any of them.

Also, I know that you can’t take what you think is currently truth to be actual truth as Burd continues to develop her characters and her story.

I loved the story. Some twists that I truly did not expect. While making my way through the first few chapters, the story seemed too much like a combination of Twilight [which wasn’t one of my favorite series to read even lakren I pushed through it] and Vampire Diaries [a series I never bother reading] what with the god-like appearances and the two guys fighting over the same girl.

I will continue with this trilogy but I was a little disappointed in this one. I can’t wait for the second book. Nov 08, Ines Diaz rated it liked it.

Moon-Ache Lone March 2.