Find the complete list of news-values below. Click on the image below to see it clearly. Galtung and Ruge, in their seminal study in the area put. One of the best known lists of news values was drawn up by media researchers Johan Galtung and Marie. Holmboe Ruge. They analysed international news. Galtung and Ruge news theories. 1. GALTUNG AND RUGE NEWS VALUES; 2. For any story that appears in the news has to have.

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We have a young kid, secondary school, who started remixing the films and put them on YouTube. Closeness to home Proximity. Dov S-S Simens, Major political parties are often associated with one of the main races.

News Values

Any story which covers an important, powerful nation or organisation has greater news values than a story which covers a less important nation. Identities, Conflict and Cohesion, programme paper, number 7, at cpps. All Malaysians regardless of party political affiliations face the situations expressed in our films. Galltung are not just films, but films with an agenda — an agenda that is clearly communicated. News value, for instance, is a mass media concept that remains useful when analysing decision making on the Internet.

Editors have a particular target audience in mind. An American film culture.

News values – Wikipedia

The Internet also constitutes a freely accessible worldwide marketing and distribution medium. Other criteria listed above relate quite specifically to the news actors or events that have the potential to be reported as news.

Journalists are service intermediaries for their audiences [ 12 ]. Lifelike audiovisual media valkes argued to have particularly strong effects compared to reading.


After all, audience building remains dependent on opinion leaders — and therefore intermediaries. The same galtunf to elite people. As galtuung, it did not just challenge perceptions of life in nad country but also fit the stereotypes and mental scripts of those who were part of this movement. We go to them and say: But the project was also relevant to other audiences. Such political favoring of the majority has been pointed out as a major factor for racial animosities within the country Chin, ; Jomo, Journal of Peace Research.

The second angle is the filmmakers. A ‘risk signal’ is characterized by two factors, an element of change or uncertainty and the relevance of that change to the security of the individual.

On a theoretical level, I offered the case study of 15Malaysia to support the view that the Internet is not completely reversing mass media. This factor relates to Relevance.

Galtung and Ruge – News Values: an update by Prof. Galtung () – Galtung-Institut

They can take the list of news value factors Galtung and Ruge suggested as a starting point when developing their audience building strategies. However, vvalues useful, my arguments will be supplemented with data from the other projects to draw a more complete picture.

This is largely because it would appear impossible to define a common factor, or factors, anr generate interest in a mass audience. Fifty years later, my article takes this list to demonstrate mews mass media principles still apply when building audiences for an independent film in the Internet age.

News values seem to remain a good theoretical concept to explain these decisions [ 3 ]. News value factors remain an important theoretical concept to explain such choices. Bad news – involving death, tragedy, bankruptcy, violence, damage, natural disasters, political upheaval or simply extreme weather conditions – is always rated above ‘positive’ stories royal weddings, celebrations etc. Both are the two central national holidays in Malaysia with Independence Day, in particular, being preceded by a lot of political campaigns concerning national faltung.


Furthermore, three basic hypotheses are presented by Galtung and Ruge: News as reality-inducing, survival-relevant, and gender-specific stimuli. Curran and Seaton [ 13 ] struck a similar chord when arguing that news values help journalists to turn complicated reality into ‘neat stories’ that reinforce stereotypes and established points of view.

They have to reflect popular tastes in order to appeal to mass audiences Allern, galtubg In other words, individuals tend to view stories that give them “ammunition” for their political views as more newsworthy. I will use their list of news value factors in this article. But their mere independence means that, at least tacitly, every independent film demonstrates against the status quo within the commercial media sector.

Since reaching these audiences is the common goal of the filmmaker and the opinion leader, the active construction and stressing of neews value factors should at least be considered a useful option for the audience building filmmaker. Events that are likely to have a continuing impact a war, a two week sports tournament have a high value when the story breaks, as they will develop into an ongoing narrative which will get audiences to gsltung in tomorrow’.