Olivier Roy argues that Islamic revival, or ‘re-Islamisation’, results from the efforts of westernised Muslims to assert their identity in a non-Muslim context. Olivier Roy discussed his latest book, Globalized Islam, in which he argues that Islamic revival has resulted from the Muslim diaspora´s efforts. Olivier Roy’s Globalized Islam. Much of the current turmoil in the Muslim world and the tensions between. West and East can be traced back to.

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Lists with This Book. Working from this premise, Olivier Roy’s career as one of the west’s most knowledgeable scholars of “Islam in practice” has been devoted to combating its demonisation.

And the good news, as Roy sees it, is that secularisation is the majority trend. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Unlike political Islam, it does not have a clear agenda for the future. Much like Reza Aslan, Roy places radicals in context. In any case, as Roy has published another book on ISIS, I am confident that he will be able to parse with the matter globalzied comprehensively there. Islamists who were pushing for the creation of an Islamic state are giving way to neo-fundamentalists who tend to concentrate on individuals and shun purely political issues.

For others the path leads to a shift towards religiosity rather than religion, as they increasingly look for their own interpretations of what constitutes correct behaviour and belief.

Neo fundamentalists reject Islamists who have been secularized by politics. His oivier recent work is Secularism Confronts Islam Columbia, Here are some flavors of ideas that Roy floats through different parts of the book. It’s a must read for any Muslim living in the West looking for answers to justify the current Ollvier trends.

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Review: Globalised Islam by Olivier Roy | Books | The Guardian

Roger Green rated it really liked it Jan 18, In it he takes his earlier oivier forward by focusing on what he calls post-Islamism or “globalised Islam”. The search for a new ummah, Today’s Turkey: Anyway, these are just some of the points that Roy pontificates about, there is much more where it came from. Faith is more important than dogma”, Roy argues. Excellent academic study detailing the change in Muslim neofundamentalist attitudes as ordinary Muslims find themselves objectifying and defining Islam in the global culture.


Moreover, the Internet riy an individual to speak on an equal footing with others. Want to Read saving…. It provides Muslims with an identity as well as solidarity with other people who regularly “practise” their religion.

They should avoid any sort of religious engineering, but play on the diversity of Islamic religious revivalism by making room for Islam and treating it on an equal footing with other religions.

Trying to create an Islamic state makes no sense for groups who are minorities and will remain minorities for decades to come. Other themes that are developed are a olivief Ummah, and how practice and outward signs of faith are superseding theology in present day discourse.

More importantly it allows neo fundamentalists to define their identity independently of the cultural norms they are currently in. At the heart of this development is, on the one hand, the voluntary settlement globxlized Muslims in Western societies and, on the other, the pervasiveness and influence of Western cultural models and social norms.

Custom and practice

One result of deterritorialisation is that Middle Eastern students who graduate in the globalised may never go home. He lives in a small French town where a third of the population is Muslim. Roy concludes that globalisation and westernisation have become glkbalized, both among Muslims living in the west and those who still inhabit Muslim societies. But what is going on in Iraq has confirmed my view that Islam is not the dominant factor in Middle East politics: This is not recommended for the faint of heart or for amateurs, but it’s an excellent examination of the current Muslim world.

The ummah they are addressing is a transnational one, or even a virtual one, through the Internet. He shows how neofundamentalism acknowledges without nostalgia the loss of pristine cultures, constructing instead a universal religious identity that transcends the very notion of culture. Gemma Gall rated it really liked it Feb 18, Roy knocks the idea that the problems of the contemporary Muslim world can be explained in terms of Islam.

The revival of Islam among Muslim populations in the last twenty years is often wrongly perceived as a backlash against westernization rather than as one of its consequences. Olivier Roy — Recent terrorist actions have confirmed what I said about the de-territorialization and Westernization of the radicals, but I updated the book to give some more input.


Globalised Islam

But then again if you believe Taleb the best books don’t lend themselves easily to summarization. The book is much more than an analysis of the meaning of political globalized Islam but also an in-depth exploration of the intersections among identity, culture, religion and ethnicity in the age of globalization. It is a standard text for students of oliveir Islam. Nor is it true that secularisation leads to democracy.

Iskam issue here is not Islam as a theological corpus, but the discourses and practice of Muslims”. The onward march of westernisation affects their societies, too, and even when oluvier has been a backlash against the trend, the usual aim is not to return to some golden pre-modern age. Preview — Globalized Islam by Olivier Roy. The book is very heavy on jargon, but still not overly difficult to read.

Bernard rated it really liked it Feb 17, About Religioscope Launched in JanuaryReligioscope is an independent website about religions in today’s world.

Not a quick or easy read, but Olivier An extremely important read for everyone that seeks to peel izlam layers of the growing tension between Christian communities and immigrant Muslim communities in Europe and North America – especially above the level of analysis pop-media gives to these complicated dynamics. They would either become normal political parties, as has subsequently happened in Jordan and Turkey, or they would lead to a kind of individual neo-fundamentalism.

Faheem Hussain rated it liked it Jun 01, Chris rated it it was ok Feb 28, He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Islamic trends around the world, and is right up to the minute olicier relentlessly searching for evidence and ideas from the growing number of Islamic websites ialam chatrooms.