Gods and Generals has ratings and reviews. Ron said: For those who may not know, Jeff Shaara is the son of Michael Shaara who wrote The Killer. This is the question that haunts Gods and Generals, Jeff Shaara’s moving novel Using a novelist’s tools and the techniques of psychohistory, Shaara takes us. The New York Times bestselling prequel to the Pulitzer Prize–winning classic The Killer Angels In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff.

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A Novel of the Civil War Author s: Lousiana State University Press, When Michael Shaara died inhis son Jeff gpds to manage his literary estate. A complete and total dislike. I love American History, but I had a really hard time getting into this book. In actuality the idea for those two books came from the publishers.

Gods and Generals

How does history regard soldiers in later wars such as World War II and Vietnam who “just followed orders”? I think epic stories covering great distance and a long time period are difficult to write.

How could 50, underfed, undersupplied soldiers prevail against a well-prepared, well-equipped force of ,? The Army of Northern Virginia by F. In short, it is everything that a reader could ask for.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Lee was generlas educated gentleman; if he had accepted the offer of General for the North, the Confederacy would never have stood a chance.


Voyager 25th Anniversary Edition. The Killer Angels by Michael is at home on the shelf and will surely be read, but what of the jecf in the series again by Jeff Stonewall Jackson understands that Hooker is simply “waiting for us to take the fight to him. Hancock welcomes the opportunity to be a fighting soldier at last.

He popularizes the idea that the slave masters-of which group he is included-“took care” of their slaves like fathers to petulant, directionless sons. Looking for More Great Reads?

Gods and Generals (novel) – Wikipedia

Without looking into it, I generwls the author is pretty much a confederate apologist. And the following day the Union forces succeed in pushing back the Confederates. The Sadness of Beautiful Things. It focuses instead on the waste of human life engendered by war, finds few villains, but celebrates those who live by their beliefs and carry on honorably, despite egotistical or inept superiors, the vicissitudes of chance, and the physical suffering of war.

This book was like a map and I’m horrible with directions.

Set mostly in the time it seemed possible the South would actually win the war. Gods and Generals is, however, gwnerals to read. Your email address will not be published.

The text can be very complex at times, so middle school students would most likely get confused when reading this book.

Gods and Generals Teacher’s Guide

Lee never wanted the war, did not believe in slavery, but like each man brought to war he would defend the state he called home. View all 15 comments.


When we arrived in Gettysburg, Jeff drove us directly to the the battlefields. I found this a very good book, albeit grim reading. Night of Camp David.

Book Review: A Worth Tribute, Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara — CWT | HistoryNet

There was a movie made based on the book, and now I want to see the movie. Shaara has learned an impressive amount of facts about the men and events his novel covers.

A meticulous listing of corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, batteries and separate units of the Army of Northern Virginia and its predecessors. Those who enjoy history or the Civil War would like this book.

From age 16, Jeff operated a rare coin business, first out of his home, then in a retail jeft. Lee, never believing until too late that a civil war would ever truly come to pass.

From the Trade Paperback edition. Related Links Contact us about speaking engagements with Jeff Shaara. Read jefff Forward Read it first. This is a great work and fully stands on its own.