Mark Mazower provides us with a very readable and highly stimulating intellectual history of Western internationalism starting with the Vienna. A majestic narrative reckoning with the forces that have shaped the nature and destiny of the world’s governing institutions The story of global. Governing the World has ratings and 26 reviews. Helen said: This is a wonderfully written book by historian Mark Mazower about the idea of an interna.. .

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World war 2 broke out to supposedly protect the German residents of Western Poland, once again nationalism drove peoples, this time, Germans, into an expansionist frenzy. Today, when the primacy of the fact is challenged by the Web — a recent article hails the fact’s death — the future, more important than ever, has been privatized, monetized,and turned into a source of profit. Wallach Professor of History at Columbia University.

History is not prophecy, but Mark Mazower shows us why the current dialectic between ideals and power politics in the international arena is just another stage in an epic two-hundred-year story.

The old monarchs had one idea.

The only disappointment is not learning much about Mazower’s speculations about what be ahead in the 21st Century as China and Giverning become global powers.

He lives in New York.

Governing the World by Mark Mazower – review | Books | The Guardian

It would seem so, at least in some countries, including the USA. There had been no international men of any note before his time. Counterintuitively, as it might seem today, the radical Italian patriot Giuseppe Mazzini thought nationalism was the answer: Twentieth-century total wars were fought by states that mobilized entire societies around shared perils and experiences.

You might also like Book review: He Mark Mazower is a historian and writer, specializing in modern Greece, twentieth-century Europe, and international history. While historians tend to tell stories about nations and their leaders, there is another way of relating the history of the last two centuries that brings into focus the role of global visionaries in reimagining a connected world community, and also the unsung efforts of practical secretariats of international organisations which — up to a point — succeeded in implementing a measure of global order.


As power shifts away from the creators of today’s system towards the East and South, the biggest question of our time is how this process will affect global structures. The idea of governing the world is becoming yesterday’s dream.

Mazower approaches this question sincespending a little time with the Concert of Europe before jumping into a variety of approaches to this problem. Wilson warned that “the voices of humanity that insist that the war shall not end in vindictive action of any kind” had been exploited by “the masters of German intrigue to lead the people of Russia astray.

Governing the World by Mark Mazower – review

At times I despair that the only order of things that might actually save the planet from environmental degradation is a global eco-dictatorship, in itself almost as worrying a prospect as the failure of the biosphere.

The idea is essentially a Western creation, originating from the Oct 08, Christel Devlin marked it as to-read. Except, as Mark Mazower shows in his brilliant recasting of the course of modern history since the Napoleonic wars, it’s not as simple as that. Governing the World brilliantly brings to life how far the philosophy and politics of international cooperation have developed since Napoleon’s defeat. Yet its role in American foreign policy since its creation has emerged in a fashion characteristic of the longer history of the American deployment of international institutions, its “exceptional” sponsor extending the power of international law while remaining above and beyond its reach itself.

Governing the World examines how mostly European and North American intellectuals and politicians have sought to resolve the tension between the need to pool resources and expertise in order to govern an increasingly globalized world, and the desire of countries to choose their own path to prosperity and define modernity in their own way over the last two centuries. Europeans learnt various different lessons from worlf French revolution and Napoleonic wars.


If that fails to happen, the responsibility will not be theirs alone. I actually found the last strain the most interesting, as you can see this woeld playing out governinng new forms throughout modern history.

Yet, even as World Bank economists such as former chief economist Justin Yifu Linn have criticized the Washington Consensus, the Bank continues to evaluate goberning process of borrower countries by measuring how closely they have adhered to the same old script of ‘liberalize, privatize, and deregulate.

The League was intended to prop up the British empire. The United Nations appeared in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, and a war-fighting alliance led by Great Britain and the United States was ultimately what transformed into an international peacetime organization.

International Politics in There were good tactical domestic reasons for this, but there was also philosophical inclination: Show 25 25 50 All. Open Preview See a Problem? Citing articles via Google Scholar. Against this, there emerged many of the ideas that would shape the international institutions of the twentieth century—liberal nationalism, mazowsr, the expertise of the scientist and the professional international lawyers.

A world in which violations of mazwoer rights trump the sancticity of borders may turn out to produce more wars, more massacres, and more instability.

Nevertheless, as Mazower shows, impractical high-mindedness was counterbalanced by effective international cooperation during the third quarter of the 19th century on a mazoer of issues:

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