Decided that in fairness to the THD, s/n thread the IG should be I modified this IG a long time ago — looks like it’s in need of modding. This same upgrade can be performed on the IG, SG-. 18, and incorporated into your kit by Heathkit, depending on when your particular model was sold. Download HEATHKIT IG SINE-SQUARE AUDIO GENERATOR SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Audio Generator IG-5218

The power supply ug-5218 quieter with ig-518 10uF tantalum caps added, across C5 and C6. Bottom view of the oscillator board wiring. Note that it will show errors which are harmlessdue to the fact that informational parts of the layout extend past the Eagle zero-reference.

Now when I use it, I recall how it used to waver around the final level and change level across the bands.

Please proceed at your own risk.

The overall dimensions of the board are 5. If the pot is used, reduce R51 to 2.

S Heathkit Sine-square Audio Generator Ig | eBay

Hearty congratulations on completing the project! I hope that using your new IG gives you as much pleasure as using mine has given me. However, he reports measured distortion figures under 0. Note that this layout is intended for a single sided board. PCB Created for the Project! The way HP’s excellent circuit just locks right in on the level seems almost magical in comparison. If you want to join us and get repairing help please sign in or sign up by completing a simple electrical test or write your question to the Message board without registration.


S120222 Heathkit Sine-square Audio Generator Ig-5218

August 27, heathkiy Instead, contact your nearest service center! That’s because the IG meter scale is corrected for the diode effects at low voltage.

Click on the image at left, for a high resolution pdf file, showing the silk- screen and topside jumper wires. The PCB files package includes:. Hi Jesper, Thank you kindly for your nice message. Oscillator board bottom view.

It originally seemed likely that the higher ratio was responsible for the low distortion performance of the HP oscillator. That was needed to use free Eagle to create the board. In addition, some files are archived, so you need WinZip or WinRar to open that files.

We would very much like to hear, your results, if heaghkit have boards made with the files —ed. Reader Comments Posted by Shawn S. Note that red topside traces are only to guide topside wiring. After doing the layout, he fabricated his own, single- sided PCB and successfully built the working generator.


Good luck to the repair! Pot R54 1kohm is added, in series with R Thank you for bringing this up!

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Hi Shawn, Those turned out to be interesting questions indeed! However, those files have not at this point been used heathkiy make a board. September 21, – Eagle generates errors if an error check is run on the board. Remove the B and quite a few places have the 74C Dick also left out C32,46 and R29, though he and Larry think that these last three might be useful. It would be worthwhile during checkout to disconnect it at transformer end to see if it is adding anything, especially on the high value range resistances.