HP Serviceguard Cluster Configuration: HP Serviceguard was the very first solution for high availability clustering software. Serviceguard uses. Serviceguard allows you to create high availability clusters of HP or HP Integrity servers (or a mixture of both; see the release notes for your version for. HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands. This section includes the Serviceguard clustering commands. Closed /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/cmviewcl -v. Output.

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Serviceguard uses resource virtualization to ensure that critical applications, databases, or services are continually up and running. After the file has been verified as containing no errors, the cmapplyconf command is used to create and distribute the cluster binary file: In addition, a total of four data buses are shown for the disks that are connected to node 1 and node 2.

Most Serviceguard packages are failover packages. Burleson is the American Team Note: Serviceguard and other high availability subsystems coordinate the transfer between components. HP recommends these products; setviceguard conjunction with Serviceguard they provide the highest degree of availability.

HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands

A high availability serviceeguard system allows application services to continue in spite of a hardware or software failure. Disclaimer Privacy Advertisement Contact Us. Following is a sample file: I am not going to discuss any theoretical concept like why someone will use a cluster or what actually a single point of failure is etc etc. Tejas Bavarva on Working with Syslog-ng on…. Note that both nodes are physically connected to both groups of mirrored disks.

Here is the procedure:. You can configure your cluster to automatically restart after an event, such as a long-term power failure, which brought down all nodes in the cluster. Alternatively, you may manually transfer control of the package back to the primary node at the appropriate time. The necessary changes have to be made with this file for the cluster.


When there are no packages left in the cluster, and you want to delete the cluster, use the following commands. You may need to start a package manually after it has been halted manually. Create a VG for using as a lock-VG.

After this transfer, the failover package sreviceguard remains on the adoptive node as long the adoptive node continues running. By now, the cluster lock volume group should have been created. Complete book in PDF. Tuesday, January 1, Oracle technology is changing and we strive to update our BC Oracle support information. Check the cluster configuration: Sandesh Patil on Detecting and Removing C style….

Create a cluster configuration template: You can do this either in Serviceguard Manager or serviiceguard the Serviceguard command line.

HP Serviceguard – Wikipedia

The amount of required shared storage will depend on the application requirement. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

You serviceguadr get personalized Oracle training by Donald Burleson, right at your shop! Here is the procedure: If a service, node, network, or other package resource fails on the node where it is running, Serviceguard can automatically transfer control of the package to another cluster node, allowing services to remain available with minimal interruption.

Serviceguard allows you to create high availability clusters of HP or HP Integrity servers or a mixture of both; see the release notes for your version for details and restrictions. If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Failed to gather configuration information As you see from the above output, the command is failed to run successfully.

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There servjceguard also packages that run on several cluster nodes at once, and do not fail over. Failed to gather configuration information. The following sequence is very important. We will use three of them. Mirror copies of data provide redundancy in case of disk failures.

There is a handful of discussion on these topics on internet. In this example, however, only one node at a time may access the data for a given group of disks. After testing the cluster, shut it down in order to make changes later to the HP-UX kernel parameters. HP Serviceguard was the very first solution for high availability clustering software. Any host system running in a Serviceguard cluster is called an active node. Similarly, node 2 is shown with exclusive access to the bottom two disks solid lineand node 1 is shown as connected without access to the bottom disks dotted line.

Indy on Working with Syslog-ng on…. Highly available systems protect users from software failures as well as from failure of a system processing unit SPUdisk, or local area network LAN component. It is considered UP as long as it is running on any of its configured nodes.

In order to remove all single points of failure from the cluster, you should provide as many separate power serviceguqrd as needed to prevent a single point of failure of your nodes, clsuter and disk mirrors. De-activate the lock disk on the configuration node after cmapplyconf: Note that the network hardware is cabled to provide redundant LAN interfaces on each node.

Starting a node will not cause any active packages to be moved to the new node. This site uses cookies.

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