Here are some free plans to the Hydrofoam plane/boat. The kit is a great value, but if you just want to kill a Saturday, then here you go:). 4Q, UAVPilot, Hydro Foam Plans. A Hovering Machine, UFly, Flat Foamy. Amos Moses, Ewo, 3D Foamy. Avro Vulcan, Davereap, Foam Jet. AZ Shrike, AZ Astro. Matty wants to try a Hydrofoam, Kids?. Ehh:rolleyes. So here we have the start of our Hydrofoam Build. Partly off a plan and partly made up.

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Free RC Airplane Plans

If it can be made easier then im there. Is it a must to keep everything dry? We found out that the actual size of the plans are standard 24×36 poster size. Hydrogoam for the kick.

I guess the pages have been overloaded. Kos-MosFeb 4, Thank you sooo much! My foam is 4mm, so it was a pain to work with the tabs to make it fit. Su Super Flanker Park Jet foam plans. Wouldn’t mind building one of these but did you happen to come across any assembly instructions when you found the plans? I’m going to have to get one of these eventually.


I’m building my first hydro.

You got a link on what to do? You can download RED’s build instructions here. I have no idea htdrofoam they are doing, but I trust them.

Free plans

Looks like my weekend will be busy now building. I wan’t that virtical power that we have seen in the video that’s going around. There are free plans for the Miss Hangar One at my site www.

Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated. You can just ignore them in the making, but that makes aligning things harder. You can do that? Flying RC airplanes is more than just a hobbyit’s a passion! I have them on my hard drive. I am making fair progress in building gropingand found out what all the parts were for!!! Hi, I was wondering if anyone still has the three page MHO plans previously offered in this thread?

These are not my plans as I downloaded them from another forum.

Share This Page Tweet. I got the tiled version. There are some plans in the first post of this thread, but I havn’t been able to print them out in full size.


Matty wants to try a Hydrofoam, Kids?. Send me an email and maybe I can email them to you. Does the Fleet in Alex. This kit really needs dual rates and expo too, so a decent radio is very much recommended. Must be nice to rebuild if you crash. The foam is a bit thicker than 3mm, so the slots are not fitting very well.

Thanks in anticipation JR.

Hydrofoam plans – RC Groups

Yep Just modded it to what i wanted, easy and quick. Boeing Sonic Cruiser Parkflyer.

Wow, seems easier to build too. Need a carbon spar though I’d be intereseted if someone could post the length hydroofoam beam of the full size craft so I will know if the scaling is correct when printer.

Plans for Hydro foam – RCU Forums

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Thanks for the tip. I see you followed the plans almost exactly.