ICEA S-95-658 PDF

Single- or multiconductor – V – 90ºC – ICEA S Halogen-free (LSZH- HFFR). MH. Applications. Recommended for use in highly populated enclosed. ANSI/NEMA WC ICEA S Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy Published by National. ANSINEMAWC70ICEANonshielded Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy-Applies to materials, constructions.

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When the applied flat steel tape, interlocked tape, or round wire armor will remain unjacketed and the cable is intended for installation in below-grade or potentially wet environments, the metallic sheath and jute bedding layers applied over the sheath s-956-58 core jacket shall be run through a hot asphalt or tar compound, or equivalent saturant.

Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Jute or equivalent covering may be added where the conditions of transportation require protection for the galvanizing on the armor wires. This process brings together persons who have an interest in the topic covered by this publication.

In common with other electrical equipment, the use of cables is not recommended on systems where the ratio of the zero to positive phase reactance of the system at the point of cable application lies between -1 and since excessively high voltages may be encountered in the case of ground faults.

A test specimen of the insulated conductor shall be taken after any curing and prior to the application of any coverings. Number of loaded cables in duct bank or conduit. If buffing is employed, the buffing apparatus for this operation shall be equipped with a cylindrical table arranged so that it can be advanced very gradually. Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc. The tests shall be made only on jackets having a minimum wall ciea of 25 mils 0.

Use the resulting voltage value to select the corresponding insulation thickness from Tables,or as ica. The thickness shall be measured in accordance with Section 6.


The specimen shall not be immersed in water earlier than 48 hours after any curing. In conduit, ducts, troughs, or raceways. Insulation thicknesses are designated in terms of cable insulation levels see 3. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. Drain wires shall be positioned adjacent to the metal tape so as to maintain effective grounding contact and shall be considered an integral part of the shield. S-9-5658 measurements, when specified, should be made with the use of a diameter tape accurate to 0.

The wire shall have a minimum weight of coating per square foot of uncoated wire surface in accordance with Table Wire band servings in accordance with 4. The jacket shall meet the requirements stated therein and in Table If the direction of lay is not reversed in a cable containing layers of conductors, the outer layer of conductors shall have a left-hand lay and the direction of lay of the conductors in the inner layers shall be governed by the cabling machine. Band servings in accordance with 4.

The conductor shall be removed from a short idea of wire by slitting the coverings.

Power Cables Rated 2, V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy – NEMA

Minimum temperature at which cable will be installed. The types of coverings and conditions of installation are as follows: The alloy shall be determined by the manufacturer unless otherwise agreed upon between the manufacturer and the user.

We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. The messenger shall be laid parallel to the axis of a single conductor or the assembled conductors. For nominal width dimensions of 1. For a carbon-arc apparatus, five samples shall be mounted vertically in the specimen drum of the carbon-arc-radiation and water-spray exposure equipment per ASTM G The methods to be used are: Loosening or detachment during the adherence test of superficial, small particles of zinc formed by mechanical polishing of the surface of the zinc-coated strip shall not constitute failure.

During or prior to application, the tapes shall be flushed with a suitable compound to deter corrosion unless a supplementary corrosion protective covering is applied. Any diameter measurement shall be made on cable samples that contain the conductor.


See Section 6 for test procedures not elsewhere referenced.

Supplementary outer coverings for corrosion or other protection of the armor shall be applied when required. ICEA standards and guideline publications, of which the document contained herein is one, are developed through a voluntary consensus standards development process.

Power Cables Rated 2,000 V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy

Increase in capacitance, max. Specimens shall not be heated, immersed in water, nor icda to any mechanical or chemical treatment not specifically described in this Standard. Cables with repaired jackets must be capable of meeting all applicable requirements of this standard. The test method for the particular jacket material shall be based on Table below.

The jacket is not sunlight resistant if an 80 percent or greater retention for either the tensile or elongation after the hours of exposure is not maintained.

There are situations where the above thicknesses may require an increase, especially on the smaller sizes of cable, such as when several cables are to be pulled together in one duct, or the sections to be pulled are extra long, or the handling during installation is severe or awkward, as in some transformer vaults. This Standard does not require any specific frequencies for sampling for test of cable products or components.

D-95-658 shall be calculated using the following formula: The zinc coating shall be considered as meeting this requirement if, when the wire is wrapped about the specified mandrel, the coating does not flake and none of it can be removed from the wire by rubbing it with the fingers.

Descriptions other than the foregoing.