The Shelters of Stone has ratings and reviews. Crystal Starr Light said: A Prehistoric Clip ShowOkay, guys, that was really funny. Switchi. : The Shelters of Stone (Earth’s Children, Book 5) () : Jean M. Auel: Books. The Shelters of Stone (Earth’s Children) [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some.

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Jean Auel makes you feel you are among our extremely distant ancestors who are trying to make sense of the world, and doing what they can to live another day. Jondalar finally returns home to the Zelandonii, with Ayla at his side. The Shelters of Stone is the fifth book in the Earth’s Children series.

And it includes an amazing rhythmic poem that describes the birth of Earth’s Children and plays its own role in the narrative of The Shelters ofStone. I’ve done my raging about this series; it’s been a ridiculous, over the top, barely concealed Mary Sue fanfiction-y ride.

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Daniel was more like their mother: I don’t know what else to say, but please don’t spend your money on this book. To the southeast, the ruins of a priory hide a human skull. Ayla has become preganant during their trek from the plains and over the glacier. And are not anxious to leave, nevertheless the static “Flatheads” are having trouble competing, haven’t changed in those hundreds of thousands shflters years. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. But the Shadow Doctor has shades of his own, and the work of helping others may be the only jeqn keeping him afloat.

For example, on page Auel gives details about cleaning up after a shekters ritual. Of course, there are a few flies in the ointment in this regard, but it adds to the story. They are not fiction. You have the fact that Ayla has to win the approval of Jondalar’s mother, who as a former leader we would expect to be a very strong and experienced woman, as well as Jeaan elder half-brother Joharran who as leader of the tribe would have the final say about Ayla being adopted into the Zelandonii.


The only reason he turns down performing First Rites is because his massive dong would scare off the young virgins and NO ONE could take him all. Ayla is a very free thinker, probably because dtone how much time she spent living on her own.

Mar 01, Elizabeth Reuter rated it it was ok.

I was excited to learn about a new prehistoric culture. Echozar at least is pacified by Ayla’s own story and by his Echozar’s own marriage to JoplayaJondalar’s half-sister. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Two of their number, Echozar and Brukeval, are of partial Neanderthal ancestry and are ashamed of it. She could heal cancer with willow bark tea; she can wear boy’s underwear a big Zelandani no-no and a top with her boobs hanging out, and no one will mutter a peep about her indiscretion–in fact, women will imitate her and every man will get a huge boner for her and yes, this does happen.

As the three old friends sit on a train heading towards Brighton to meet Faye, little do they know that after this weekend, the four of them will have shared. The Shelters of Stone, the decline is quite noticeable here, there is no real plot just Jondalar taking Ayla back to his home after being away for half a decade. And on many occasions something more. The poetry would be something like this: The best of them craft terrific stories that tap into universal topics, primal fears and deep-seated longings.

Auel had to have been paid by the word. This is also why Ayla’s confrontations with Zolena and Marona are also resolved in such an unsatisfactory way. This book is not worth reading unless you fell in love with Ayla in Clan of the Cave Bear and Valley of the Horses and are desperate to find out how her story continues.


But I wish there had been an actual plot. These people of the Ninth Cave fascinate Ayla, and in their spiritual leader–the woman who initiated Jondalar into the Gift of Pleasure–she finds a fellow healer with whom to share her knowledge.

The Shelters of Stone

Pretty much nothing happens in terms of plot whatsoever. After finishing the doorstop “Plains of Passage” I was not looking forwards to reading this latest book in the saga apparently there is one more to come but not yet published. The Plains of Passage.

The Book is a Big Disappointment. She goes into excruciating detail about everything that happened in earlier books whether we need to know or not.

Auel Read by Rowena Cooper. Feb 24, Rebecca rated it it was ok Shelves: The appalling treatment of Ayla completely dispells any possible tension, and jena any of her likability.

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The Shelters of Stone : Jean M. Auel :

Praise “A powerful story. Quotes from The Shelters of S Ayla is too perfect of a character, and the characters who don’t like her are inevitably drunks or jealous bitches. I just shelterw to be done so I could move on to a new book. When they see a person who is of “mixed spirits” – half flathead – they are afraid and consequentially shun them.