Jean-Baptiste Willermoz was born on July 10, in Lyon. He became a Mason in , at the age of In he founded in Lyon a regular Lodge called. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz. The Elected officials Coëns. Since , the masonic course of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz takes a watershed, when it is allowed in the. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz became a freemason in , when he was 20 in a lodge which operated under the auspices of the Strict Observance. In he.

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If it’s a Gift By this act, you forfeit your spiritual and moral seclusion and awake to become part of the Initiates Brotherhood of Mankind.

Love thy neighbor as thyself, and never do unto him what you do not want to be done to you. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz was born on 10 July in Lyon.

Your Artwork issued on Canvas or Art Paper, you have the choice Our reproductions are generally offered on the most similar to the original substrate. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Truth is the foundation of all, and willermlz Knights of Truth jdan only for Love and Charity.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. On another side, it gives birth, certainly, with a flowering of high ranks, but the latter cultivate a not very coherent esotericism.

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz is allured by the lesson of the Order; he is however somewhat disappointed by the capacities of organizer of his leader. For if your Temple be not purified by the virtues of willerjoz brothers and are sanctified by their harmony, you would call upon the name of the Eternal in vain, and he would not condescended to make you his abode.


Nature follows the laws of equality; no true distinctions are to be found.

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz | The Martinist Pentacle

You willrrmoz find here many different works but always in connection with Masonry, operative or speculative. Very reserved towards Cagliostro, he thought, after several conversations with him, that he did not promote an “orthodox” Christianity in his eyes. Only 3 left in stock – order soon. Never judge yourself thorough the eyes of others; this is mere self-poisoning of your soul.

Sépulture de Jean-Baptiste Willermoz – Picture of Cimetiere de Loyasse, Lyon

Nevertheless, it is of course possible to issue the artwork on wilelrmoz substrate of your choice. Meditate on this, and cherish what you will discover.

These techniques guarantees a result very close to the originals. Cagliostro claimed that he had extorted. Share the happiness of others, be not jealous of it. Recognizing your fellow man as yourself, you return him to the image of the Eternal.

For by this act, you are no longer only a mere inquirer into the Mystery, but you have also become its Guardian. Thus you will never tremble; neither before the eyes of men, nor before the throne of God.

Give support to him that staggers, and raise those who have fallen. Inthis Lodge joins the Mother Lodge of Lyons. Give thanks, and never forget the infinite possibilities of Rebirth and Regeneration.


If you are a Freemason or a masonic art connoisseur, you will surely enjoy a lot only by visiting our web site. On a side, it is primarily a festive institution, where the society life is cultivated and where the banquets and the festivals tend to take more place than the rites.

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Humble yourself in the living Logos, the Word in Extension, and bless Providence that you were born in a time and a place where the path of illumination should lie open for you. But never believe that you have done enough, and let yourself lean back to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Issued on Fine Art Paper. Thus you will be freed from the chains of slavery, attain happiness in this bosom of misfortune, unwavering in the tempests of life; and you shall die without fear. That is baptistf true patent of your nobility, the living seal of your happiness.

Worried about the eventual outbreak of the Revolution, he hid in Ain, in a house belonging to his brother Pierre-Jacques, taking with him his extensive Masonic archive.