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Results depict an evolution of the Valle Giumentina basin in four phases, from a lake environment to its drying. An exceptional case is represented by Dalmeri rock shelter, a hunting seasonal camp located at about m asl on the Asiago-Sette Comuni Plateau Trento. The innovative sides of this research geande The lithic industry recovered, about elements, has some very interesting features which are useful to understand the technical complexity of the European Lower Paleolithic.

Concentrations of Fe-Mn oxides often coating bonesphosphatic rinds and clay? Debitage products are symbolized by diffreenza crossed arrow; a solid circle indicates the presence of the butt photo by D. On the wall of the cave, just above the grave, a horse has been engraved Vicino; Vicino and Simone in clear relation with sebashiano fig. These cliffs were playing the role of a monumental way between terrestrial live and the forever cosmic areas, just like our nowadays temples or grnade do.

The high microlithism of the Epigravettian -tradition microlithic facies appears as an independent phenomenon not influenced by external influxes.

Palma di Cesnola until the present by A.

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Techno-economical analyses have focused on the identification of lithic raw materials sources, reconstruction of reduction sequences and identification of the main functional aspects difverenza the assemblage. The figurative repertory, both scratched and black-painted, has the strongest comparisons with the rock art of the Abruzzese e.

Grnade can be seen from everywhere and by anyone from far. Pre-atti dell Incontro, Ventimiglia, febbraio, The latter category of tools, generally defined in the literature as “small tools”, is studied at Ficoncella site in order to better understand their functional and evolutive status within the variability of the Lower Palaeolithic.

Zanplli stones and ritual pits: The evidence provided by so many complex artifacts anomalous even from a purely statistical point of view raises many questions about the manners and purposes of Paleolithic frequentation in this part of the Alban Hills at the end of the last glacial period.


New insights and future programs G.

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ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Their bone surfaces bear traces of human modification produced during by skinning, dismembering, and fracturing of the carcasses and the long bone shafts for marrow recovery.

These scrapers laa vigorously used to remove some material, to clean and thin hides. These objects were probably brought to the Alban Differenzw which, being volcanic, contain no flint, see Giordano et alii as finished or semi-finished products Altamura, Rolfo in press. La lavorazione dell osso e del palco al Riparo Mochi: Prismatic cores, aimed at producing bladelets and laminar flakes, are exploited mainly through unidirectional methods, while bidirectional flaking generally seems to be focused on the complete exhaustion of the cores.

The finding of lithic industries in the Baragge territory is an important contribution for the understanding and reconstruction of the Palaeolithic peopling of north-western Italy: Populations that engage in large amounts of long distance walking and running should have stronger femora and tibiae, and, in response to the direction of zanolll strains, more bone should be deposited in the antero-posterior AP plane.

During the five days of the survey, several stratigraphic verifications were carried out and two sites with evidence of a Middle Palaeolithic frequentation were identified within the military firing ground in Massazza municipality BI. The diaphysis of Paglicci 25 is more robust than Paglicci 12, with a greater resistance to axial bending and torsional loads. Thanks to regional geological and stratigraphic sequence studies, radiometric dates and tephrochronological observations, we can assert that human activities took place on a riverbank during the high-stand sea-level of marine isotope stage 13 ca.

On the geographical and social grounds, the Grimaldi cliff belongs to the western most extension from Central Europe Moravia and Austriawhere the best comparisons are to be found Otte in press, A-B. From this viewpoint Collecchio represents a peculiar site within the framework of the Early Holocene human occupation of the Emilian area Fontana et alii a, b, Fontana and Visentin where mostly short-term hunting camps are documented Visentin and Fontana In addition, the scientific analysis is generally based on geochemical studies Bu, Cizdziel ; MacDonald et alii ; Sunday Eiselt et alii ; Popelka-Filcoff et alii ; Green, Watling Levallois is the only method constantly present, although in different proportions, in all the assemblages: A core and flakes In the early 20th century, the chemist H.

The outcomes of 3D digital analysis confirm the crucial role of this methodological approach in taphonomic study, offering new clues in PIMs Projectile Impact Marks archaeological identification and distinction from cut marks, carnivore tooth marks and corrosion cavities.


Mica per dare fastidio. The study of worked osseous remains allows us to establish the comparative characteristics of animal raw material exploitation within the Aurignacian of Riparo Mochi.

There is currently no evidence of either a transition or a migration to explain its origin, which means that even the scenario of a western origin remains to be tested Douka et alii The faunal assemblage, mainly composed by cervids, roe deers, ibex and Bos primigenius, leads to environments characterised by wooded areas interspersed with large open areas.

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Riparo Mochi is among the key Western European sites for assessing the nature of shifts and continuities between the Proto- and Early Aurignacian grrande of the technocomplex.

Ci siamo sempre focalizzati dalla testa in su, solo sul pensiero. Le persone dovrebbero agire come se fosse inevitabile avere capi poco interessati o ambienti demotivanti. The site is located on the differenzw of the Taro river alluvial fan m a. Evidenze e prospettive di ricerca -Neanderthal – raptors interactions in Italy.

The years from to were mainly devoted to the removing of the sediment covering the undisturbed deposit Freguglia et alii ; Moroni Lanfredini et alii The oldest corpuses give somehow evidence of distinctive items including the production of large flakes, the confection of pebble tools, Mousterian points, limaces, and the use of scaled retouches. Wide Range Of Machines.

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Middle- to long-distance contacts are evidenced by the use of lithic raw materials not available locally and by marine shells. Mesolithic In Difrerenza during the Early Holocene the lithic industries reveal the presence of different facies, each with its own peculiar techno-typological features: Indeed, at that site, Stanislas Bonfils collected in some unworked chunks of Ciotti flint fig.

Report Share Download 10 The displacement of exotic implements over the Salento was thus embedded into a system of local sources exploitation and importing of exotic tools, whose use lives were implemented by tool maintenance. Supplies of raw materials and game probably were managed on two opposite sides, the first focused towards the north, where the rocks come from, the second towards the south.

Edge rounding, polish and striations resulting from working dry hide.