Levels of dissolved ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and silicate, as well as chlorosity, dissolved oxygen and hydrogen sulphide in the water of Lake Mariut. Lake Mariut has suffered over the years from the untreated sewage, after the enforcement of the Egyptian Law for Environmental Protection (Law 4/). Egypt. J. Soil Sci. 56, No. 2, pp. (). W. Geo-spatial Variability Assessment of Water. Pollutants Concentration in Mariut Lake, Egypt.

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Tur Ehypt Fish Aqu Sci 3: Turk J Fish Aquat Sci 3: A six point calibration procedure was applied with multi-element calibration solution Merck ICP multi-element standard solution IV [ 11 ].

Most of the industries like textiles, pharmaceuticals, tanneries, paper mills and oil refineries are situated near the lake and discharge their effluents directly into it. Cladophora herpestica abundantly growing on the surface of the Mariut Lake accumulates heavy metals from the aquatic environments. Lake Abu Qir ceased to exist, and Lake Mariout became brackish instead of fresh. Unfortunately, agricultural, domestic and industrial wastes dumped into Lake Mariut over the years, which caused its deterioration and lower water quality.

Jan 13, Abstract The present study was carried out to evaluate the concentrations of some trace metals in the water of Lake Mariut and their accumulation in tissues of the green alga Cladophora herpestica. There are ancient tombs located on the shores of the lake. Zn and Cd contents in water samples have decreased compared with former studies.


High BOD levels indicate lower in dissolved oxygen DObecause the oxygen that is available in the water is being consumed by the bacteria leading to the inability of fish and other aquatic organisms to survive in the water bodies [ 1213 ].

Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. Water is the most valuable and vital resource for sustenance of life.

Lake Mariout – Wikipedia

The current anthropogenic metal emissions have resulted in increasing mariiut concentrations of water toxic elements to a hazardous level [ 8 ]. The Cd and Pb mean values in fish flesh of the present study 0. Trace metals; Lake Mariut; Bioaccumulation; Cladophora herpestica.

Bagster and Sons, Pb content in both fish flesh and water samples has shown a great decrease compared to previous studies.

All chemicals used were of analytical reagent grade [ 4 ].

Lake Mariout Basin, Egypt

The study included some recommendations aiming at improving both water quality and ecosystem of the lake. Two bishops are historically documented:.

Table 1 shows the parameters of water quality in the lake. The mriut waste management in Egypt is based on independent, self- solid waste incineration, including combustion of the bankdischarged algae [ 2 ].

Lake Mariout Basin, Egypt ‹ Ehaf

Lake Mariut fish quality and quantity were adversely affected eventually being unfit for human consumption due to its poor water quality. It had no mouth connecting it to the Mediterranean, being fed with Nile water via a number of canals. Cladophora herpestica is dominating and abundantly growing on the surface of the Maruit Lake, it accumulates residual nutrients and heavy metals from both the aquatic and atmospheric environment [ 15 ].

The fish species Nile perch lives in the lake although its principal habitat is fresh water, and the lake contains some salt.


The results also showed a poor water quality. The water of the collected samples was mostly alkaline 7. The concentrations of trace metals exceeded the Egyptian Standards limits.

Lake Mariout

Algae are used in waste water treatment due their affinity for heavy metal cations. Biographical, Historical, and Mythological: Please leave a message, we marlut get back you shortly. Heavy metal pollution of lakes is one of the most dangerous problems in aquatic ecosystems and it is approaching thresholds of toxicity for adverse effects of toxic metals [ 89 ].

The De Vita Contemplativaa description of a society of Jewish ascetics written in the first century CE, says that the Jewish sect called the Therapeutae were widely distributed in the ancient world, but that “their country” was “beyond the Maereotic lake”.

Water and algal samples were collected from four different sites throughout the period from July to Sept From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Polish J Environ Studies Therefore EC of water exceeded permissible levels. In a steleresembling the Rosetta Stone and dating back some years, was discovered in the Taposiris Magna Temple site at Lake Mariout. Its maximum length is about 8 km and the depth of water fluctuates between 60 and cm, with an average of cm.