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Dried fruits and nuts Products in this group are easy to import into Switzerland: Currently, around 60 percent of all organic products are sold through these supermarket chains.

Speiseinsekten – Wikipedia

Many consumers of organic foods associate organic farming with regional and seasonal production. The production, processing, inspection, certification and labelling of organic products in these countries must take place according to requirements which are equivalent to those of the Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance.

Very good, good, average, poor. Coordination of inspections by foreign inspection bodies. It is expected that the export lebesnmittelverordnung this kind of processed products will grow in the future.

It is required by the certification body when the annual inspection of the business is carried out. Both products store well and therefore can be transported by ship or land.

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CodeCheck sagt dir was drinnen steckt. Experts expect that the Swiss market for organic foods to grow by 20 percent per year in the next five years. Until the end ofthe Swiss Country List relates only to organic products of plant origin. It is expected that the number of farms converting to organic farming in the future will be smaller due to market conditions.


This may be the case even with products that Switzerland lebensmityelverordnung easily produce all year round. In order for an imported product to be marketed as organic the producers, processors and exporters of the country of origin and the Swiss importers must be certified by an accredited inspection body at least once a year.

Citrus fruits and exotic fruits are exclusively imported. Mai folgende drei Insektenarten als Lebensmittel zugelassen: There are also products in which the potential demand far exceeds the available supply e.

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This growth rate should climb to 20 percent in the next few years. There is lebensmitgelverordnung parallel range of consumer related factors restricting the growth of the market for organic foods: Fruit juices Apple, pear and grape juice have been produced in Switzerland for many years, along with juices and syrups from various other fruits blackcurrants, strawberries, etc.

Importers pay a value-added tax of 2.

Importers can provide the exporter with information on market conditions, quality standards, market access restrictions and import formalities. The Swiss market for organic fruit and vegetables In the past few years, the supply of organic vegetables has grown strongly in Switzerland. Die wichtigsten Internetseiten.


Between three and five percent of all apples are produced organically.

At present, there is a good potential for apple and cherry importers as there is an undersupply. Further growth in farm conversions to organic agriculture is to be expected in the next few years, albeit at a less rapid growth rate. Swiss importers want producers to offer more dependable delivery, less logistical workload and very high quality.

Style Notes – Achtung: Nuts are the most important product and offer the greatest potential for growth. These lebensmittelveeordnung of low trade duties mostly coincide with periods of insufficient domestic supply between November and April and represent the best opportunity for entering the market.

Schaeiz scannt Inhaltsstoffe Das Smartphone gibt Auskunft Mit CodeCheck herausfinden, was in Produkten steckt.

The area set aside for greenhouse organic production is only 26 ha, of which approximately two-thirds is used for tomato production. One reason for high prices for organic produce is that distribution is often rather inefficient and involves many lebensmmittelverordnung separate collection of organic produce in minimal quantities.

Processed vegetables Most processed vegetables are produced domestically, while Italy is the main supplier of imports e.