The XPROB is part of Manfrotto’s X family, designed for general-purpose use indoors and out. There are no fewer than 12 models in the. Find great deals for Manfrotto XPROB Tripod. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Manfrotto XPROB Tripod Legs Kit includes a RC4 Midi Ball Head with PL QR Plate. This plate allows you to easily remove or replace your.

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Manfrotto XPROB Tripod | eBay

Manfrotto offers alternative versions of the carbon fiber PRO and models with four leg sections instead of three. This time the vibrations dissipated in an average of just 1. The manvrotto seen in the video may take more or less time to dissipate than the average time quoted, but still reveal the major differences between each model.

I love that the center strut comes all the way out and bends so you can get shots over a surface like a table, and I did a photography class assignment with the camera literally an inch off the ground with the legs splayed out all the way out.

All words, images, videos and layout, copyright Gordon Laing.

Manfrotto MTXPRO3 Replacement for Manfrotto XPROB | B&H

The XPROB has an enhanced horizontal mamfrotto column that can be pulled up and repositioned at a 90 degree angle like a boom, making that low minimum height possible. At no point during our testing did we experience the tubes slipping when locked.

Extending the centre column takes the head plate to a maximum height of It holds my camera up out on its own to about 18 inches from center with the legs in a normal upright position and the leg clamps all hold well. The quick release system doesn’t secure the camera to the point were it doesn’t move at all, but I would not be scared to hold my camera and walk around with the tripod hanging off the bottom. The time taken to dampen these vibrations is critical to avoid shake on self-timer shots activated by hand rather than cable-release, not to mention for your own sanity as you make adjustments to a composition.


The Bogen Imaging distribution network steadily grew until early when the name was changed to Manfrotto Distribution throughout all the countries it operated in. Conversely if you want the most compact tripod for easy transportation, the smaller range is preferable, and if weight is an issue, the carbon fiber models of either family are much lighter than their aluminium counterparts.

Typical semi-pro DSLR bodies with battery but no 05xprob grip generally weigh around g, while top-end pro DSLRs with built-in grips rarely weigh much more than 1. This model is my go-to for location work when ,anfrotto don’t want to lug around my Manfrotto B Triaut tripod. The really important difference between carbon fiber and aluminium tripods though is their weight.

The carbon fiber version is simply stiffer, and in our tests below, was also measurably superior when it came to damping vibrations.


Bags are an optional extra. With the column raised, the vibrations took 6. Both remain comfortably taller than the models though. Buy me a coffee! Unfortunately the button at the bottom of the column prevents the fitting of a hook to hang weights for extra stability.


But conversely the taller height of the range makes them bigger to transport. The choice of head obviously also plays a significant role in the stability of the system as a whole.

You can then pull it out a little and raise it to its vertical angle, before finally pushing the column down to the desired height. Show less Show more. Our final test was with the flagship carbon fiber CXPRO3, which with its centre column down took an average of 1. Sony RX VI review.

manrotto Likewise if you want to mount particularly large and heavy cameras or lenses, the greater load-handling of the range will be preferred. The entire centre column can also be removed and reversed for very low angles if desired, or swapped for an optional shorter version, allowing the legs to be fully widened without having the column extended.

Photo kit with 804RC2 Head, 055XPROB Tripod

I have already tried my Mamiya RB67 camera on it and it seemed to cope eceptional well even with the centre column at 90 deg. I purchased this tripod after a lot of research. So far Manfroto please with the product. Rapid sliding Spiked Feet: For the money I do’nt think it could be beaten.